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This release empowers you with new features and tools to build applications with speed and confidence.

Auto-Refreshing Interfaces

Have you ever wanted to create an interface that automatically refreshes without the user interacting with it? In 19.2, you can configure an interface to refresh periodically on a timer so that it automatically shows the latest data to your users.

Smarter, Better Read-Only Grids

You can now configure grids with just a few clicks. Drag the grid from the palette, add data using the query editor, and watch as Appian configures paging and automatically generates formatted columns for your data.

Monitor Real-Time Record Performance

Get more insight into which Record UIs are underperforming and which users interacted with them. You can even see the Performance View for each specific interaction.

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More Related Examples for Interface Components

From any interface component page, you can find a new section, Related Patterns. Rather than just a handful of links to select patterns, this section displays all relevant patterns that use the component, letting you quickly find the right example to get you going. Check it out on the new Paging Grid Component page.

New Local Variable Docs

Excited about the new local variable and refresh variable functions? We've got you covered with a lot of new content, and updated examples, so you can start using them right away.

New Guidance Page: Custom Data Type Design

Working with data in Appian often starts with creating Custom Data Types (CDTs). This new page will help you understand how CDT relationships work and what factors to consider when designing your CDTs for your Appian application.