Setting Up Twilio

In order to use ICC with Twilio, you must first have a Twilio account set up and properly configured.

Account Setup

If you do not already have a Twilio account, please follow the instructions below. If you already have a paid Twilio account, you can skip this section.

  1. Sign up for Twilio
  2. Select 'Products' tab when being asked to create a project with the following products selected
    • Programmable SMS
    • Phone Numbers
    • Programmable Voice
    • Programmable Chat
    • TaskRouter
  3. From the Console Dashboard, select 'Upgrade'
    • You must have a paid Twilio account to use with ICC

You can now add other Twilio users to this account. Please refer to Twilio's documentation for more details on adding users.

Account Configuration

The following configuration to the parent Twilio account must be made to enable call recording, call transfers, and certain error handling capabilities in the Twilio component. Please note that if this setting is not enabled, the Twilio component will not behave as expected.

  • Navigate to Programmable Voice -> Conferences -> Settings and select 'Agent Conference'
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