Appian Documentation

This release empowers Designers with the information and tools they need to build applications with speed and confidence.

Query Editor

Queries are now a lot easier to create and configure. The query editor provides a visual experience for creating queries right from an expression rule.

Create an Interface Form with the Click of a Button

With this release, not only have we updated our interface templates for pages and forms, we've also added a handy builder button that allows you to create a form from a data type.

Integration SDK

We're excited to announce the release of the Integration SDK, which provides new ways for developers to extend Appian's low-code integration capabilities. The Integration SDK provides all the tools, documentation, and examples you'll need to succeed at building plug-ins.

Check out the latest updates to documentation and training content.

New Guidance Page: Custom Data Type Design

Working with data in Appian often starts with creating Custom Data Types (CDTs). This new page will help you understand how CDT relationships work and what factors to consider when designing your CDTs for your Appian application.

UX Design Guide: Presenting Information Clearly

Knowing the rules for choosing button styles or label positions is helpful, but the greatest opportunities for improving usability come from looking at the flow of your entire app. We've added a new page that covers the basics of information architecture while showing examples of common do's and don'ts.

New Course on Building a Record

New this month is a tutorial on building a record! Watch the videos, follow along with the written instructions, or do both as you build a record. At the end of the tutorial, you’ll have a fully configured List View and Summary View.