There are several steps needed to install and configure ICC on top of the Appian platform. These setup steps must be repeated on each environment on which ICC is deployed.


Before you start the setup process, make sure you can meet the following requirements for ICC:

  • Twilio account (full account, not a trial)
  • Agent browser connectivity to Twilio (view detailed requirements)
  • Bi-directional network connectivity between the Appian server and Twilio

ICC uses Google Dialogflow Enterprise Edition for virtual agent and agent assist features. The following prerequisites apply if you are using these features:

  • Google Cloud Platform account
  • All agents will need a Google account to use agent assist features
  • An Appian service account will need a Google account to use virtual agent features

Setup Steps

Here are the steps you'll follow to setup ICC:

  1. Downloading ICC - Download all the necessary setup files before you start
  2. Setting up Twilio - Register with Twilio and configure account level settings
  3. Setting up Google Dialogflow - Optional setup to configure Google Dialogflow for virtual agent and agent assist features
  4. Setting up the ICC Application - Import and configure the application
  5. Setting Up a Web Chat Client - Optional setup to chat with ICC agents from a web page

Reminder: These steps must be completed for each Appian environment running ICC.

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