The following hotfix is available for Appian 18.4.

Hotfix Package C

This is a cumulative hotfix package that includes Hotfix Packages A and B as well as new hotfixes in a single download and a set of instructions. This package is required for any Appian 18.4 installations not currently on Hotfix Package C. After installing, you will be running on Appian 18.4 Hotfix Package C.

See the Installation section at the bottom of this page for instructions on how to install this hotfix package.

18.4 Hotfix Package C

Release Date: 18 January 2019


  • The new Plug-in Functions Running During High Memory log helps identify the root cause of heap spikes by listing all plug-ins that are evaluating when application server memory reaches a high level. See the Logging page for more information on what is included in the log.
  • The Design Errors log now contains an evaluation ID (which is also displayed in the error message) and UUID of the object that encountered the error. Additionally, errors on record views now log the record instance ID and the record view URL stub.

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - Medium

  • AN-122195 - Critical
    Fixed an issue where the process memory calculator could cause a bad process to prevent the site from functioning correctly.

  • AN-121976 - High
    Customers will no longer see the “Invalid Type” error when a package containing the referenced data type is inspected while processes are running.

  • AN-122213 - High
    Fixed an issue that prevented autofill of forms in Google Chrome.

  • AN-122742 - High
    Parsing very large expressions now uses significantly less memory.

  • AN-121001 - Medium
    Fixed an issue in the Monitoring page where large process memory values incorrectly display as "N/A".

  • AN-122350 - Medium
    On non-HA configurations only, the service manager will now wait longer for engines to respond to heartbeat requests before determining that the engine is no longer available. This allows for long transactions to complete more reliably on sites experiencing extreme load.

  • AN-122923 - Medium
    Memory usage has been reduced for large interfaces as well as expressions using the reduce() function.

  • AN-123124 - Medium
    Fixed a bug specific to IE11 which was preventing users from viewing Sender Display Name and Sender Email in the Send E-Mail node.

  • AN-123225 - Medium
    Fixed an issue that prevented configuring XA datasources.

  • AN-113640 - Low
    Administrators no longer need to run the configure script when deploying hotfixes.

  • AN-120664 - Low
    Fixed an issue that prevented chart reference line labels from displaying.

  • AN-121767 - Low
    Added a new data metrics log rules.csv to track information about each individual content engine object: constants, decisions, expression rules, interfaces, query rules, rule folders, and integrations.

  • AN-121769 - Low
    The process model metrics log models.csv now records an additional 4 columns to track the number of users and groups on process model role maps.

  • AN-122363 - Low
    Added additional logs to help Appian troubleshoot export issues in the future.

  • AN-1224791 - Low
    The folder breadcrumbs no longer display the "Not in Application" tooltip when the designer is in the Objects view.

  • AN-122552 - Low
    The configure script can now run without a connection to the internet. This restores behavior to be the same as in versions 18.3 and prior.

  • AN-122572 - Low
    User filters and search boxes in Appian Designer no longer cause an error when a space character is entered.

  • AN-122863 - Low
    Selecting a date in the Created To filter while viewing the Versions dialog for a process model no longer causes an error dialog.

  • AN-123568 - Low
    Reports are now logged correctly in the Interface Performance logs when accessed using a!reportLink().

Release Date: 21 December 2018 (Released as Hotfix Package B)

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - High

  • AN-120819 - Critical
    Fixes an issue where, in rare circumstances, Appian data store entries intended to be transient could accumulate indefinitely, using more and more disk space.

  • AN-117460 - High
    Users can now save mobile notification settings in all supported locales.

  • AN-122227 - High
    Fixed an issue that prevented application server startup when static or dynamic content domains were not configured.

  • AN-122309 - High
    Fixed an issue with using local variable values for process parameters in start process links.

  • AN-109387 - Medium
    The Document Viewer component now correctly displays, downloads, or prints documents even after they have been on the screen for an extended period of time.

  • AN-118230 - Medium
    During a failover event, the service manager now coordinates the failover to the new primary engine more quickly and accurately.

  • AN-119335 - Medium
    Appian will now perform TLS hostname verification when acting as a JMS client. JMS broker servers must have valid certificates when connecting over TLS.

  • AN-119731 - Medium
    A rollback in the personalization engine has been prevented.

  • AN-119769 - Medium
    When using the Arabic locale and entering integers in Western numerals, separators are now interpreted correctly and a validation is shown when entering a decimal value.

  • AN-120688 - Medium
    The sub_process_ids() function no longer returns an empty value. This restores behavior to that of version 18.1 and earlier.

  • AN-120897 - Medium
    Importing a child group no longer results in an insufficient permissions error when the designer is inheriting Administrator permissions to the child from the parent group.

  • AN-120993 - Medium
    Dragging the User List pattern into the Live View when designing interfaces no longer produces an expression evaluation error in certain environments.

  • AN-121408 - Medium
    Fixed an issue that occasionally prevented first attempt at dragging a pattern from the palette when designing interfaces.

  • AN-121728 - Medium
    Fixed an issue that caused nested boxes to incorrectly inherit styles.

  • AN-121978 - Medium
    Fixed an issue with searching for long numbers in record lists.

  • AN-117736 - Low
    When designing an interface, it is now possible to drag and drop identical components next to each other in all cases.

  • AN-117851 - Low
    Validation for the static and dynamic URLs now supports an additional property to handle sites using an internal/custom top-level domain.

  • AN-119375 - Low
    Added additional logs to help Appian troubleshoot export issues in the future.

  • AN-119671 - Low
    Start form evaluations are now correctly captured in the SAIL details and summary logs

  • AN-119899 - Low
    Improved performance of the global objects view.

  • AN-120795 - Low
    Fixed an issue that prevented quoted JNDI names from being parsed.

  • AN-121069 - Low
    The number of data server transactions replayed from Kafka logs on startup is no longer restricted.

  • AN-121183 - Low
    Fixes an issue in the Security Summary that prevented designers from paging through more than 100 sections of objects

  • AN-121808 - Low
    The public API setTaskDisplayName now updates the task display name in all locations, including the Tasks tab in Tempo.

  • AN-122096 - Low
    The Data Server startup process has been made more robust for Windows customers.

  • AN-122302 - Low
    Fixed a misleading log message about DataSource password decoding.

Release Date: 30 November 2018 (Released as Hotfix Package A)

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - High
  • AN-118384 - Medium
    Fixed an issue that prevented custom links from appearing on Cloud login pages.
  • AN-118416 - Low
    Fixes an issue where loading or interacting with a record view did not always get recorded in the Interface Performance Details log (sail_details.csv).
  • AN-118581 - Low
    Prevents a potential race condition that can occur during application server start up.
  • AN-119505 - Low
    Starting data server in a clean state now wipes version history data making startup process more robust.


Perform the following steps to apply the hotfix:

  1. Stop Appian. See Starting and Stopping Appian for detailed instructions:
    1. Shut down the application server.
    2. Shut down the search server.
    3. Shut down the data server.
    4. Shutdown all Appian Engines, ensuring that the engines are checkpointed upon shutdown.
  2. Back up your existing Appian instance. See Backing Up Your Existing Appian Instance for instructions.
  3. Unzip the contents of the archive into your <APPIAN_HOME> directory.
  4. Run the deleteFiles script (deleteFiles.bat on Windows, on Linux) that is now located in your <APPIAN_HOME> directory.
    • If the script reports that some files were not deleted, address the reason for the failure (common causes listed below), and run it again until it no longer reports failed deletions.
    • Common causes of failed file deletion include:
    • The file is open in another window or process
    • The file is locked
    • You do not have permission to delete the file
  5. Unzip the contents of the archive that is now located your <APPIAN_HOME> directory.
  6. Delete the deleteFiles script and
  7. If you are using a Web server, copy the content of <APPIAN_HOME>/deployment/web.war to the folder where the Web server is getting the static resources. See Copy Static Resources to the Web Server for more information.
  8. Run the configure script to deploy your environment's configuration
  9. Start Appian:
    1. Start the Appian Engines.
    2. Start the data server.
    3. Start the search server.
    4. Start the application server.

To determine if Appian 18.4 Hotfix Package C is deployed, open the file located in <APPIAN_HOME>/conf/. The contents of this file should match the following code sample: