The following hotfix is available for Appian 18.4.

Hotfix Package A

This is a hotfix package that includes a new hotfix in a single download and a set of instructions. This package is required for any Appian 18.4 installations not currently on Hotfix Package A. After installing, you will be running on Appian 18.4 Hotfix Package A.

See the Installation section at the bottom of this page for instructions on how to install this hotfix package.

18.4 Hotfix Package A

Release Date: 30 November 2018

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - High
  • AN-118384 - Medium
    Fixed an issue that prevented custom links from appearing on Cloud login pages.
  • AN-118416 - Low
    Fixes an issue where loading or interacting with a record view did not always get recorded in the Interface Performance Details log (sail_details.csv).
  • AN-118581 - Low
    Prevents a potential race condition that can occur during application server start up.
  • AN-119505 - Low
    Starting data server in a clean state now wipes version history data making startup process more robust.


Perform the following steps to apply the hotfix:

  1. Stop Appian. See Starting and Stopping Appian for detailed instructions:
    1. Shut down the application server.
    2. Shut down the search server.
    3. Shut down the data server.
    4. Shutdown all Appian Engines, ensuring that the engines are checkpointed upon shutdown.
  2. Back up your existing Appian instance. See Backing Up Your Existing Appian Instance for instructions.
  3. Unzip the contents of the archive into your <APPIAN_HOME> directory.
  4. Run the deleteFiles script (deleteFiles.bat on Windows, on Linux) that is now located in your <APPIAN_HOME> directory.
    • If the script reports that some files were not deleted, address the reason for the failure (common causes listed below), and run it again until it no longer reports failed deletions.
    • Common causes of failed file deletion include:
    • The file is open in another window or process
    • The file is locked
    • You do not have permission to delete the file
  5. Unzip the contents of the archive that is now located your <APPIAN_HOME> directory.
  6. Delete the deleteFiles script and
  7. If you are using a Web server, copy the content of <APPIAN_HOME>/deployment/web.war to the folder where the Web server is getting the static resources. See Copy Static Resources to the Web Server for more information.
  8. Run the configure script to deploy your environment's configuration
  9. Start Appian:
    1. Start the Appian Engines.
    2. Start the data server.
    3. Start the search server.
    4. Start the application server.

To determine if Appian 18.4 Hotfix Package A is deployed, open the file located in <APPIAN_HOME>/conf/. The contents of this file should match the following code sample: