Appian Documentation

This release empowers Designers with the information and tools they need to build applications with speed and confidence.

Interface Patterns
Breadcrumbs, KPIs, Selection Grids---these are just some of the component combinations that are now available to drag into your interface so you can learn new designs, UX practices, and build interfaces faster than ever before.
Record Types on a Whole Other Level
We've enhanced Record Types so you can build even better and more performant records to wow your users and take productivity to the next level.
Google Cloud Vision Connected System Template
Leverage wourld-class OCR models in a snap with this new Connected System Template.
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One Pattern Page to Rule Them All!
In 18.4, Appian introduced design patterns you could drag directly from the component palette into your interface. To accompany them, we wrote a new kind of doc that goes beyond simply providing the pattern, and includes a breakdown of the pattern expression so you can quickly learn how best to change it to suit your interface, and newer users can learn the what and why of the design.
Update Whenever Because You Can
We added a new page all about backward compatibility with Appian so you can learn what it is, why we did it, and how you can take advantage of it.
Check Your Knowledge
The training team has been working hard to increase interactivity in Academy Online courses. New courses will now include different types of exercises, such as quizzes and games to increase user engagement.