Web APIs - Overview

Web APIs provide a way to expose Appian data and services to outside systems. Each Web API is an association between a URL/HTTP method combination and an expression. When a client makes an HTTP request to the given URL, the associated expression is executed and the result is returned to the client. This means that any data or service that is available inside an expression can be exposed to an external system via a Web API.

Some things you might choose to expose with a Web API include:

  • A list of tasks for a specified user
  • A list of records for a specific record type
  • Data about a specific record, similar to a record dashboard
  • An Appian document
  • The ability to write to a data store
  • The ability to start a new instance of a process model

To learn about Web APIs, see Web APIs

To learn more about designing Web APIs, see Designing Web APIs

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