Integrating Data with Appian


Fundamentally, integrations occur when two or more systems need to communicate with each other. Appian provides a comprehensive set of objects and features that enable Designers to easily integrate with external systems.

These topics gather all of the relevant information dealing with integrations and puts them into an easy-to-navigate list.

If you are completely new to integrations, check out the How to Think About Integrations article before continuing to any of the object-specific references.

Out-of-Scope Topics

These topics are focused on the shared data and services between systems. As such, the following topics will not be discussed in this guide.

Data Stores

Data stores are objects that connect to third-party relational database systems, via a JDBC connection. Therefore, it technically is an integration. However, because most of it’s configuration occurs by a system administrator, data stores will not be included as a topic in this guide.

Embedded Interfaces

This guide will not include articles referring to embedded interfaces. While embedded interfaces requires integration with other system, and in their own right are integrations, the primary goal of it is to embed Appian UIs into another webpage. The focus of this integration guide is data-centric integrations.

Topic Covered

Sections are broken up into

Principles of Integration

This section covers topics related to the fundamentals of an integration. How to Think About Integrations guides readers through the basics of integrations and is meant to be an introduction to the topic. Choosing the Right Type of Integration helps designers figure out the right object to use in Appian to set up a successful integration.

Web APIs

Web APIs should be considered as a primary way for other systems to call Appian. They allow other systems to get data from, send data to and execute actions within Appian via a HTTP RESTful service


Integrations are objects in Appian that can get data or invoke services via a HTTP Restful service. This section contains all of the related references and how-to content to build an integration.

Other Integration Methods

While web APIs and integrations could be considered the primary means for interacting with third party services, they are not the only ways to do it. These topics are broken up into a few areas:


The final section contains tutorials that walk designers through step-by-step instructions for specific integration methods. In addition to being used as a learning device, users will have a functional set of object at the end of a tutorial.

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