Deprecated Features


Any Appian feature that contains "[Deprecated]" in its title, or has language declaring that it is "deprecated," is a feature that will be removed in a later release of Appian.

These features will continue to work up until they are removed, but Appian encourages users to replace deprecated features in their applications ahead of their removal.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns related to a deprecated feature, contact Support.

For more information specifically about Application Portal and non-SAIL interfaces, see Application Portal Support.

Deprecated Content

The following table lists the documentation content related to features and functionality currently in the deprecated status, and the Appian release version it was placed into that status.

The following table only includes known deprecations up to Appian 18.3. Navigate to the latest version of the docs to see what's been deprecated since the 18.3 release.

Feature Version
rsp!query 18.3
Quick Filters for Process Reports 18.2
Export to Excel/CSV Smart Service 18.2
User Storage Space Quotas 17.3
Starred Processes 17.3
Starring Objects 17.3
Knowledge Center Security Levels 17.3
Knowledge Center Administrator Approval 17.3
HTTP Query Smart Service 17.3
a!httpWrite() Function 17.2
a!httpQuery() Function 17.2
Column-Based Section Layout 17.2
Columns-Based Form Layout 17.2
Columns-Based Dashboard Layout 17.2
SAP Smart Service 17.1
Edit Team Properties Smart Service 17.1
Edit Department Properties Smart Service 17.1
Delete Team Smart Service 17.1
Delete Department Smart Service 17.1
Create Custom Group Smart Service 17.1
page() Function 16.3
a!sapInvokeWriter() Function 16.3
UDDI Configuration 16.3
Tempo Global Message Authors 16.3
Set User Storage Space Smart Service 16.3
Set User Home Page Smart Service 16.3
Set Global Home Page Smart Service 16.3
Send Message to Process Model 16.3
Send Alert Smart Service 16.3
Search 16.3
Publish Page Smart Service 16.3
Process Model Dashboards 16.3
Process Internationalization 16.3
Process Dashboards 16.3
Portal Roles and Security 16.3
Portal Pages 16.3
Portal Administrators 16.3
Personal Knowledge Centers 16.3
Performance Indicators 16.3
Page Security Smart Service 16.3
PDF Forms 16.3
Move KC Smart Service 16.3
Move Community Smart Service 16.3
Modify Community Security Smart Service 16.3
Mobile OS Versions 16.3
Message Data Type 16.3
JSP Forms 16.3
Internal URLs 16.3
HTML Forms 16.3
Forum Data Type 16.3
Forms Designer Components 16.3
Forms Designer 16.3
Edit Page Properties Smart Service 16.3
Edit Community Properties Smart Service 16.3
Document Administrators 16.3
Display Process Report as Chart 16.3
Discussion Thread Data Type 16.3
Discussion Forums 16.3
Delete Page Smart Service 16.3
Delete Community Smart Service 16.3
Create Page Smart Service 16.3
Create New Version Smart Service 16.3
Create Case Management Page Smart Service 16.3
Channels 16.3
Attachments Tab 16.3
Attachment Options 16.3
Application Portal 16.3
Adding an Attachment to a Process Model 16.3
Adding an Attachment to a Process 16.3
Adding an Attachment to a Flow Activity 16.3
Adding an Attachment or a Note to a Task 16.3
Adding Notes to a Process 16.3
Adding Notes to a Node 16.3
Add Attachment Smart Service 16.3
Upload Document Smart Service 16.1
Start Topic Smart Service 16.1
Set Group Home Page Smart Service 16.1
Reactivate Community Properties Smart Service 16.1
Post Message Smart Service 16.1
Move Topic Smart Service 16.1
Modify Forum Security Smart Service 16.1
Delete Topic Smart Service 16.1
Delete Message Smart Service 16.1
Delete Forum Smart Service 16.1
Deactivate Community Properties Smart Service 16.1
Creating a Department 16.1
Create Team Smart Service 16.1
Create Forum Smart Service 16.1
Create Department Smart Service 16.1
Create Community Smart Service 16.1
Importing Rules and Constants 7.5
linktouserinternal() Function 7.3
linktouser() Function 7.3
linktoprocessmodeldashboardinternal() Function 7.3
linktoprocessmodeldashboard() Function 7.3
linktoprocessdashboardinternal() Function 7.3
linktoprocessdashboard Function() 7.3
linktoknowledgecenterinternal() Function 7.3
linktoknowledgecenter() Function 7.3
linktogroupinternal() Function 7.3
linktogroup() Function 7.3
linktofolderinternal() Function 7.3
linktofolder() Function 7.3
linktodocumentinternal() Function 7.3
linktodocument() Function 7.3
linktocommunityinternal() Function 7.3
linktocommunity() Function 7.3
toportlet() Function 7.3
topage() Function 7.3
tomessage() Function 7.3
toforum() Function 7.3
todiscussionthread() Function 7.3
Subscribing to Knowledge Centers 7.11
Knowledge Center Expiration 7.11
Automatic Retry Interval 7.11
fromHtml() Function 6.7
byReference() Function 6.7
getprocessmodelemail Function 6.0
getprocessemail Function 6.0
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