ResetAnalytics Script


The execution and analytics engines are paired with each other and the data in a given execution engine, i.e. execution01, is replicated into the corresponding analytics engine, i.e. analytics01. Occasionally the data in the two paired engines get out of sync and need to be re-synced. This is accomplished by "resetting" or clearing out the data in the analytics engine, after which the analytics engine will automatically rebuild itself off of the data in execution. Resetting the analytics engine is also required as a part of every Appian upgrade and applying an Appian hotfix.

Run this script as part of the upgrade process, when applying a hotifx, or when instructed by Appian Support.


<APPIAN_HOME>/services/bin/ (.bat)


Short Name Long Name Required Meaning
-h –help No Show usage information
-p –password Yes Password for Admin REST API


The resetAnalytics script must be run on every server that contains either an analytics engine or a Kafka broker. When running this script, the Appian engines must be shut down but Kafka and Zookeeper must be running.

./ -p <password>