Appian Documentation

This release brings truly dramatic improvements to Appian.

Drag-and-Drop Interface Design
Building interfaces has never been easier. You have to see it to believe it.
Unified Appian Designer Experience
Enjoy the benefits of a modern work space for everything you need to do in Appian Designer.
Card Layout for Interfaces
Take advantage of the flexibility and organizational power of card-based interface design.
With big changes to the product come big changes to the docs.

Appian Designer Documentation
In line with a unified Appian Designer experience, we wanted a unified docs experience, so we overhauled all related content into a lean, easy-to-navigate set of docs.
Interfaces Documentation
Simple interface design begets simple interface docs. Like the Appian Designer docs, we rendered our interfaces-related content into a smaller set of docs with their own navigation.
Video vs. Docs
Some people prefer videos, and some people refuse to watch them. How do you make everyone happy? You give them both. Check out our new page on working in Design Mode which features an optional, video lesson on the same topic, courtesy of Academy Online.