Variables Tab

The Process Modeler allows you to add, remove, and edit process variables, which are often created when configuring a flow object in your process model. The Variables tab displays all process variables used by any of the nodes in the diagram. It also allows you to create new process variables and designate them as process parameters.

A process parameter is a process variable that must be entered by the user or by an automated process before the process model can be executed. A user-input parameter causes a question to appear in the Process Start Form. Click the (intuitively named) Process Start Form tab to display the form.

Adding a Process Variable

  • Click the Add Variable button on the toolbar. The Edit Process Variable button is displayed.

  • Select from the following options.

To... Perform the following steps
Create a process variable.
  • Enter a name in the Name field.

Best practice: To enable other process developers to easily read and maintain your process models, give process variables descriptive names that clearly explain their purpose.

  • (Optional) Select Custom Types to filter the list of available data types to only display Custom Data Types.
  • Select the data type you want to use.
Provide the variable with a default value. Enter the default value in the Value field.
Make the variable a process Parameter. Select the Parameter checkbox.
Create a required Parameter. — or —
Require that the initiator to fill out a form at the start of the process.
  1. Select the Parameter checkbox. The Required option is enabled.
  2. Select the Required checkbox. The Process Model requires an input for this variable before executing the process.
Allow the process variable to store multiple items. For example, use this option to create a variable called departments that contains sales, marketing, and accounting. Select the Multiple checkbox.
Create a value that is not available for use by other processes. Select the Hidden checkbox. This option is not available if the variable is a Parameter.

Removing a Process Variable

  • When viewing the list of process variables, click the (X-shaped) Remove Process Variable button for the variable you want to remove. A warning dialog appears stating:
Deleting this process variable invalidates any expressions that use it.
  • Click OK.