Starting Processes From an Interface

There are several different ways to launch a process from a SAIL interface. This page will detail their similarities and differences.

a!startProcess: A function that starts a process when triggering a SAIL reevaluation. Use this for unattended activities related to a specific piece of information on the interface.

a!startProcessLink: A link type that starts a process and navigates the user through any initial chained forms. Use this for taking the user to a process related to a specific piece of information on an interface.

Record Related Actions: A configuration on records to a start process within the context of a record view. Use this for processes of any sort that are related to an entire record instance.

Behavior a!startProcess a!startProcessLink Record Related Action
Pass in data to process Yes Yes Yes
Show start and chained forms No Yes Yes
Configure in any SAIL interface Yes Yes No
Maintain original interface state after process starts Yes No No
Use for file upload cases No Yes Yes
Display custom banner on submit No Yes No
Save URL as bookmark No No Yes
Use in a Web API Yes No No
Access process data on completion Yes No No
Write custom error handling Yes No No