User Settings

User Settings allows you to make changes to your regional, feed subscription, password, and third-party credential settings. To access your Settings in Tempo or a Site, click your user picture in the top-right corner and select Settings.


The Regional section allows you to change your regional settings from the default system settings, including language, timezone, and calendar type, unless your administrator specifies an override, in which case you will not be able to customize your settings.

To set your regional preferences, select the Regional section and modify the settings via the available dropdowns. Click "Save Changes" and then refresh your web browser to have your changes take effect.

Feed Subscriptions

The Feed Subscriptions section is only available in Tempo.

Topic-specific feeds are created by your System Administrator. When a feed entry is created for a specific feed, such as a process milestone or process completion event, only users subscribed to that feed will see it in their News feed.

To see all available feeds you can subscribe to, select the News section in User Settings.

If a feed displays a checkmark or person icon next to it, then you are already subscribed to it.


To subscribe to a feed, click either the All or Personalized link below the feed name.

Clicking All subscribes you to all events added to that feed. A checkmark indicates you have subscribed to All.

Clicking Personalized subscribes you to only events added to that feed and targeted specifically to a group in which you're a member. Your system administrator needs to configure this option. Check with them before enabling it. A person icon indicates you have subscribed to Personalized.


To unsubscribe from a feed, click the Unsubscribe link below the feed name. Once you unsubscribe, you will no longer see events in your News feed from that specific feed.

You can also unsubscribe from a feed from the News feed directly by resting your pointer on an event and clicking the Unsubscribe button that appears.


The Password section will be available if your environment uses Appian to authenticate its passwords.

To change your password, select this section and fill out the fields for your old password, new password, and your new password again to confirm it. Any requirements your password must follow will display next to the New Password field. You must meet these criteria to complete the change.

Third-Party Credentials

The Third-Party Credentials section provides a list of other software systems which have been integrated with Appian by a system administrator. Click on the name of one of the systems to provide your personal credentials for that system. When Appian calls that system on your behalf, it will authenticate using the credentials you provide.

The credentials you provide here are encrypted and stored securely in Appian. The credentials can only be decrypted and used when you are logged in and using Appian.

Each system in the list will display the word Configured or a non-sensitive portion of your credentials, such as your username, if credentials have been configured for that system. Otherwise, the system will be listed as Not Configured.

You should provide credentials for each of the systems listed in this section if you have a login to that system. That way, Appian will succeed when attempting to perform an action on that system on your behalf.

To permanently remove a set of credentials so that they are no longer stored in Appian, click the Forget My Credentials button when viewing the credentials for a configured system.