Scheduling the Start of an Activity

You can start a node at a specific time on a certain date using the options on this tab. These options configure a timer event that starts when the node is first activated. The node is then restarted every time the scheduled interval is reached, even if there are active instances of the node that are already running.

You can also place limits on the number of times that the node is started, or halt the schedule after a certain date.

  • When an activity is scheduled, a clock marker is displayed on its border.
  • The activity must be active in order for the schedule to be triggered. If an End Event is configured to terminate the process, the schedule is also terminated.

Scheduling an Activity

  • Select the Don't start this node until: checkbox on the Scheduling tab. The following options are displayed:
    • Specify the date and time at which the node must execute. Selecting this option allows you to select a date through a picker by clicking on the calendar icon. Additionally, you are also required to specify the time at which the node must execute. The format in which dates and times are entered on the process modeler interface is dependent on the locale settings in your Operating System. If the locale is set to "United States", dates and times should be entered in the following format:
h:mm AM/PM
  • You can specify a time period for the execution of the node relative to the completion time of the last node. Only integer values can be specified in the text field that is provided.

  • The date and time can also be specified through an expression, which must be evaluated at run-time.

Starting an Activity on a Regular Interval

  • Select the Repeat this node checkbox. The calendar options are enabled.
  • Select Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly, or at an Interval.
  • When setting a recurring Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly schedule, you can select the time zone used for the schedule, after selecting (or typing) the time of day. The pp!timezone property is listed as the default Time Zone Context for your recurring schedule. This property is configured on the General tab of the process model properties dialog box.

Limiting the Schedule

  • In the Repeat until options, select [ ] instances have started. Type a number in the field to direct Appian to halt the schedule after a designated number of times. — or —
    Select the Date: [ ] option. The Date and Time fields are enabled. Specify a date to halt the schedule (or date and time).

Activities can be set to start on a recurring interval. When activities have been configured to execute on a recurring schedule, it is possible to manually trigger or skip a recurrence.

Intervening in a Recurring Schedule

  • View the node's process instance in Monitor Mode in the Process Modeler.
  • Right-click the activity. Select Recurrence. The Recurrence dialog box is displayed.
  • Select either of the following options.
To Click Description

Trigger the recurrence of a node

Selecting this option allows users to trigger the recurrence of the selected node. When a recurrence is triggered an instance of the node is created.

Skip the recurrence of a node

Selecting this option allows users to skip the recurrence of the selected node.