Process Nodes

The Process Nodes tab (on the Process Details page) lists each node in a process. If an activity is executed multiple times, then multiple entries are listed for that activity.

  • For a process with subprocesses, by default, it does not include those nodes associated with the subprocesses. You can still view the subprocess nodes by selecting Show nodes from subprocesses.

Each of the nodes are listed in a table that displays the following columns:

  • Node Name
  • Status
  • Owner
  • Priority
  • Time: when the node was started
  • Duration: how much time was spent during node execution
  • Process ID: The local ID of the process associated with the node.
  • Process Name: The name of the process associated with the node.

Each node listed on this tab has a checkbox associated with it. Selecting this checkbox displays a toolbar. As an administrator of the process, the following table lists the options that are displayed in the toolbar for active tasks.

  • For tasks that are not active, you can only start a new instance of the task.
  • When multiple tasks are selected, you only see a subset of the options listed in the table above.
  • These options are only available to process/system administrators or the Administrator account. Other users see a subset of these options.
Click To ...

Start a new instance of the task.

  • Quick Tasks can be started in the same manner as other activities.

Pause the task.

Cancel the task.

Add an attachment to the node.

Add a note to the node.

View all attachments linked to the node.

View all notes linked to the node.

Reassign the task to another user or group in the system.

Change the priority of the task.

View nodes from all sub-processes that are included within the process. These nodes can be distinguished by the Process ID and Process Name columns. All nodes from a subprocess will have different IDs and names than nodes that reside in the parent process.

When this checkbox is selected, nodes from nested sub-processes are also displayed.

  • If a sub-process calls a sub-process, those nodes are included as well.
  • Up to 10 levels of nested nodes are displayed.

Starting a Task

  • Select the checkbox next to a task.
  • Click Start.

Cancelling a Task

  • Select the checkboxes next to the active instances of the task.
    • Click the Cancel button on the toolbar.
  • Once a task is cancelled, it can be enabled again by starting the task.