Leave Group Smart Service

The Leave Group node allows you to select a department or team and remove yourself as a member. If you attempt to leave a group that you were not a member of, no actions take place.


  • Category: Identity Management

  • Icon:

  • Assignment Options: Attended/Unattended

Configuration Options

General Tab

The General tab allows you to name and describe the node.

Data Tab

This tab displays the Node Inputs and Node Outputs for the Service Node. You can add additional inputs and outputs, if needed. The default inputs are:

Input Data Type Required Multiple
Group Group Yes No

If the node is run without being assigned to a user (or a group) you must specify values for each of the Node Inputs listed in the table above. You can either manually enter data into the text-field, or a value can be generated using the Expression Editor. When using the Expression Editor, you can reference and modify Process Variables, rules, constants, and other data. The expressions then populate your Node Input values.

If the node is assigned, the Node Input values are typed by your assigned user(s) into a form.

This node does not return any values.

Additional Options