Appian Documentation

In this release you'll see a lot of great User, Designer, and Administrator changes.

New Web Content Component
Access external systems directly from a SAIL interface using this brand new component.
Find Any Object Anywhere in Designer
CTRL+SPACE to quickly search for objects from anywhere in Appian Designer.
Improvements to Web APIs
Several improvements were made to Web APIs that will give access to more integration opportunities.
Check out the latest updates to documentation and training content.

Update Whenever Because You Can
We added a new page all about backward compatibility with Appian so you can learn what it is, why we did it, and how you can take advantage of it.
Enterprise Installation Guide Updates
We've completely revamped our Windows and Linux enterprise installation guides. The steps to get Appian running for On-Premise customers are reorganized for your convenience.
Better Function Version Documentation
We've updated our function and component version documentation to give you more context and explanation about the version changes.