System Groups

Certain system groups are available to assist you with administering components of the application suite.

The following system groups are available:

System groups can be modified by the Administrator user account, System Administrator users, or the Group Administrator(s) with the following restrictions:

  • Groups cannot be deleted through an interface.
  • Group names cannot be changed from an interface.
  • Groups have the same UUID on all systems.

Process Model Creators

Basic Users must be a member of the Process Model Creators group in order to create new process models, or configure the Query Database or Call Web Service Smart Services.

  • You can create a group membership rule that automatically grants all basic users the right to create process models, if you prefer.
  • System Administrator users do not need to be members of this group to create process models.

See also: Adding All Users

The Process Model Creators group is configured with the following security settings:

  • Restricted
    • Only members and administrators can view the group.
  • Closed membership policy
    • Group administrators must select members.
  • Low privacy
    • Members of the group can view each other.

NOTE: Users added to the Process Model Creators Group are automatically added to the Designer Role which gives them access to design all aspects of an application.

See also: User Roles

Tempo Message Audience Groups

This system group is used to define available target groups for Tempo feed entries.

  • This group is used solely for targeting groups of users.
  • When present, individual users are ignored.

See also: Configuring Users for Tempo

The Tempo Message Audience Groups system group is configured with the following security settings.

  • Personal security
    • It can only be viewed by administrators.
  • Closed membership policy
    • Group administrators must select members.
  • High privacy
    • Only administrators can view group members.