Publishing Process Models as Web Services

You can configure your process model so that it can be launched by a web service call. When the model is published as a web service, a WSDL is created that describes the parameters that must be passed and the protocol used to pass them. Authentication credentials must be passed as parameters to the web service.

  • Custom data types cannot be passed as parameters (variables required at the start of a process) to process models exposed as web services.

Publishing Process Models as Web Services

  • In the Application Designer interface, select the System tab. The System Administration pages are displayed.
  • In the left navigation, select Web Services > Services.
  • On the Services page, click Add Service.
  • Browse to select the process model you want to publish.
  • Provide the Service Name and Service Description for the process model.
  • Click Publish. The following WSDL URL is published for your process model.

     http://... /suite/webservice/processmodel/<SERVICE_NAME>?WSDL

    <SERVICE_NAME> refers to the name you assigned previously (in step five).d previously (in step five).

Web Service Credentials

Systems wishing to start a process published as a web services need to pass in a valid username and password to successfully start the process. These fields should be part of the SOAP request message.

  • Usernames and passwords are passed in plain text. We strongly recommend using this feature with SSL enabled.

  • The username and password submitted when calling the web service must be those of the Appian user account that is intended to start the service.

  • The user account must (at a minimum) hold initiator rights for the process model that is exposed as the web service.

  • The user account must not be configured to authenticate via SAML

  • Credentials used to start a process must be stored on the remote system. Take precautions to ensure that these credentials are stored securely.

  • Credentials stored on remote systems must be kept synchronized when user account passwords expire.

  • If you have a third-pary Single Sign On (SSO) solution configured to restrict URLs by redirecting unauthenticated requests to the login page, the URLs for the web services (suite/webservice/*) must be excluded so that calls to the WSDL and endpoint are not redirected.

Removing a Published Process Model

  • Select the published process model you want to remove. Click Delete.

Data Type Formats

The following formats must be used for date and date/time values passed to an Appian process using a web service.



— For example —



  • The letter Z must be appended to any date/time values to indicate that the time is offset from UTC/GMT/Zulu time.

— For example —


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