Process Analyst View

When you launch the Process Modeler, you are presented with the option to use either the Process Analyst view or the Process Designer view. (You can also save your selection.)

The Process Analyst view provides flowcharting tools with standard activities, events, and gateways – as well as the set of Appian Smart Services. Each of these process nodes has limited configuration options, allowing an analyst to describe the overall process without configuring data, users, and other node properties such as a task form.

Creating a Flowchart in the Process Analyst View

  1. Every new process flowchart contains a Start Event and an End Event. You can add End Event nodes, but multiple start events are not allowed. On the tools Palette of the Process Modeler, select the Standard Nodes > Activities node category to view the Activity nodes.
  2. Select a node, and drag it onto the canvas.
  3. Click the Connect button on the toolbar.
  4. Drag the Connect tool from a connection point x on the Start Event node to a connection point on the node you just added.
  5. Double-click the node.
  6. Name the node.
  7. In the description field, document the purpose of the node.
  8. Indicate task assignment using swimlanes.
  9. Use Gateways to branch your flow (any node can be used to join flows).
  10. When finished with your first draft, click File > Save As and store the flowchart as a Process Model within the Appian development environment. Be sure to save it in a folder that is accessible to anyone that you need to collaborate with.

To create a process application after designing a flowchart in this view, you must switch to the Process Designer view to configure your tasks, data, users, and rules.

  • Select Process Designer from the View list on the toolbar .

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