Post Hazard to Feed Entry Smart Service

This smart service activity allows your process to highlight process problems in the feed to facilitate rapid and collaborative exception handling.

  • The message displays an exclamation mark icon and appears with a shaded red background.
  • It runs without user input.
  • You can specify the user context for the activity on the Assignment Tab.


  • Category: Social

  • Icon:

  • Assignment Options - Always Attended

See also: Smart Services

Node Inputs

Name System Data Type Required Description
Entry Id Text Yes This input takes the system-defined Entry ID number that was generated as an output from a Post System Event to Tempo Smart Service or a Post Event to Tempo Smart Service.
Message Text Yes The text of the hazard that you want to send, either entered manually or determined by a process variable, rule, or constant entered through the Expression Editor. The maxiumum is 4,000 bytes.
  • If you leave the message parameter blank or the input contains more than 4,000 bytes, the activity is cancelled by exception at runtime.
  • See also: Tempo Best Practices regarding message content.
  • Node Outputs

    Name System Data Type Description
    Comment Id Text The system-generated ID number assigned to the hazard message.

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