General Node Properties

The general tab of a smart service activity or a node is used in the Analyst View and the Designer View of the Process Modeler to specify the name of a node, and its description. Process designers have additional options for setting the Task Display Name and to make the activity a Quick Task.

Configuring General Activity Properties

Right-click a node on the designer canvas. Select Properties. The configure node dialog box is displayed.

The General Tab of the configure node dialog box allows you to modify the following node properties.

The name of the activity as it appears on the designer canvas.
The description of the activity. This text area can be used to document and comment on the purpose of the flow activity.

The following best practices should be followed so that other process developers can easily read and maintain your process model.

  • List an informative and jargon-free Name that describes the result of the activity.
  • Provide additional details regarding how the activity creates its result using the activity Description field.
  • This information is also displayed in process model documentation output and is very useful for understanding the purpose and behavior of each activity.
  • Activity names displayed on the designer canvas can also be edited inline clicking the name. When editing a node name inline, it can be styled using the Font Palette. If the Font Palette is not visible in the designer canvas, select Show Font Palette from the Tools Menu in the process modeler.

Process Designer Mode

The Process Designer Mode enables the following additional options on the General tab.

Task Display Name
You can specify a name for the task that is different than the name of the node. Or, use the Expression Editor to set the display name using process data.
Quick Task
Select the Quick Task checkbox if the activity is to be completed by the user at any time while the process is running.

Setting Activity Priority

Process Internationalization

When multiple languages are enabled in the application, sub-tabs representing each enabled language appear. Using these tabs to internationalize processes has been deprecated.