Deadlines Tab

Process model deadlines specify the target date and time for completion of a process. This information is displayed on all process tasks, when the assignee clicks Show task info (if available).

Setting a Deadline for a Process Model

  1. On the Process Modeler toolbar, click the Properties button.
  2. Click the Deadlines tab.
  3. Select the Enable deadlines checkbox.
  4. Type a number in the deadline for all processes field.
  5. Select minutes, hours, days, weeks, or months from the list box provided.
    — or —
  6. Select Use this expression.
  7. Click the Expression Editor button to use variables, functions, rules, constants, or logical expressions to calculate a deadline during process execution.

This option allows you to type date and time values, or select them using the Expression Editor. An expression used to calculate a deadline can also be saved as a rule, allowing the expression to be reused in a process task to display the overall process deadline.