Automatic Reassignment

You can configure an activity to be automatically reassigned, after a given interval using an Escalation.

  • In the activity properties, select the Escalations tab.
  • Click Add Escalation.
  • Select the Reassign task to option. Click Browse. The Choose Assignees dialog box allows you to browse for users and groups.
  • The tabs that are available to users in the Choose Recipients dialog box are Browse or Search. The options provided on each of these tabs is explained below.
    • Browse: Selecting this tab enables you to navigate through the different groups and departments within Appian from which groups or users can be selected.
    • Search: Selecting this tab enables you to search by users or groups. You can select from the returned Search Results.
    • A task can be escalated to multiple users. Once all recipients have been selected, click OK.— or —
  • Click the Expression Editor button to build logic that dynamically escalates the task to a user or group based on process execution variables or user inputs.
    • The Expression Editor appears, from which an expression can be created or a rule can be invoked.
    • When a task is reassigned to a user who does not exist, the activity is canceled by exception, and an error message is sent to the process initiator through an alert. The escalation is not triggered.

See also: Expressions