Appian Documentation

While every release brings performance gains, the overall theme of this release is speed. You'll find using and building with Appian is much faster.

Faster Applications with Parallel Evaluation
Now when you run multiple queries, Appian will intelligently group and run them in parallel wherever it can.
Appian Now Supports OAuth 2.0 Authorization
Designers can now configure OAuth through a Connected System, allowing for a reusable connection across many integrations.
Export to Excel or CSV Formats
With 17.4, you can now export to Excel and CSV formats with a new smart service, and a new feature to export your record lists.
It's not just Appian that got faster and smarter, so did our docs. We have a leaner docs site which lets us provide new ways to navigate our content.

Integration Content Family
Now that integrating with Appian has become so easy, we thought it fitting to redo the integration docs and take advantage of our new docs layout. You'll find new and updated content all living together in one, well-organized home.
New SAIL Recipe: Filter to Adjust Chart Reference Lines
Nifty new features demand nifty new recipes, so here's one that shows you how you can set a filter to change a chart reference line.
New UX Style Guidance: Images
To accompany the updates to the image components, we have new guidance on stylish ways to use them.