a!listViewItem() Function

Creates a value of type ListViewItem for use with record type definitions.


a!listViewItem( title, details, image, timestamp )

  • title (Text): The name or short text description of the item.
  • details (Text): A longer text description of the item.
  • image (Document or User): The image to appear in the list view next to each item. Value must be entered as an expression. If left null or empty, the first two letters of the record title display. For image file types, a thumbnail of the document displays. For user values, the user's avatar displays.
  • timestamp (Date and Time): The creation or modification timestamp of the item. Valid values include variables for timestamp fields of the record such as creation timestamp, a last modified timestamp, or other timestamp.




      image: <value>,
      title: <value>,
      details: <value>,
      timestamp: <value>

See Also

Create a Feed-Style Record List: Use a!listViewItem function to control how records display in the Record List View.

ListViewItem: This is the type a!listViewItem returns.