a!iconIndicator() Function

Returns the specified image from a list of standard indicator icons. Indicator icons can be used on SAIL interface within a document image.


a!iconIndicator( icon )

  • icon (Text): The key from the table of the icon to be returned.




The "ICON" size configuration should be used when using these icons within a SAIL image component or a paging-grid.


  local!pagingInfo: a!pagingInfo(startIndex: 1, batchSize: 3),
    columns: {
        label: "Task Name",
        data: {"Task 1", "Task 2", "Task 3"}
        label: "Assignee",
        data: {"John Smith", "Andrew Nelson", "Pamela Sanders"}
        label: "Status",
        size: "ICON",
        data: apply(
          a!documentImage(document: _, altText: _, caption: _),
            apply(a!iconIndicator, {"STATUS_OK", "STATUS_WARN", "STATUS_NOTDONE"}),
            {"Complete", "Overdue", "Not Complete"},
            {"Complete", "Overdue", "Not Complete"}
    totalCount: 3,
    value: local!pagingInfo


Available Icons

The table below shows each icon.

System Icon Name Key System Icon Name Key
Add Icon Add ADD Copy Icon Copy COPY
Generic Doc Type Icon Document DOC_GENERIC Happy Face Icon Happy Face FACE_HAPPY
Indifferent Face Icon Indifferent Face FACE_INDIFFERENT Sad Face Icon Sad Face FACE_SAD
Folder Doc Type Icon Folder FOLDER Harvey 0 Icon Harvey Ball 0/4 HARVEY_0
Harvey 25 Icon Harvey Ball 1/4 HARVEY_25 Harvey 50 Icon Harvey Ball 2/4 HARVEY_50
Harvey 75 Icon Harvey Ball 3/4 HARVEY_75 Harvey 100 Icon Harvey Ball 4/4 HARVEY_100
Move Down Icon Move Down MOVE_DOWN Move Down Disabled Icon Move Down (Disabled) MOVE_DOWN_DISABLED
Move Left Icon Move Left MOVE_LEFT Move Left Disabled Icon Move Left (Disabled) MOVE_LEFT_DISABLED
Move Right Icon Move Right MOVE_RIGHT Move Right Disabled Icon Move Right (Disabled) MOVE_RIGHT_DISABLED
Move UpIcon Move Up MOVE_UP Move Up Disabled Icon Move Up (Disabled) MOVE_UP_DISABLED
Preview Icon Preview PREVIEW Priority High Icon High Priority PRIORITY_HIGH
Priority Low Icon Low Priority PRIORITY_LOW Progress Paused Icon Paused PROGRESS_PAUSED
Progress Running Icon Running PROGRESS_RUNNING Progress Stopped Icon Stopped PROGRESS_STOPPED
Rating Excellent Icon Excellent Rating RATING_EXCELLENT Rating Fair Icon Fair Rating RATING_FAIR
Rating Good Icon Good Rating RATING_GOOD Rating Poor Icon Poor Rating RATING_POOR
Rating Very Good Icon Very Good Rating RATING_VERYGOOD Remove Icon Remove REMOVE
Remove Disabled Icon Remove (Disabled) REMOVE_DISABLED Status Error Icon Error STATUS_ERROR
Status Not Done Icon Not Done STATUS_NOTDONE Status OK Icon OK STATUS_OK
Status Warn Icon Warning STATUS_WARN Bad Downward Trend Icon Trend Down (Bad) TREND_DOWN_BAD
Good Downward Trend Icon Trend Down (Good) TREND_DOWN_GOOD Flat Trend Icon Flat Trend TREND_FLAT
Bad Upward Trend Icon Trend Up (Bad) TREND_UP_BAD Good Upward Trend Icon Trend Up (Good) TREND_UP_GOOD
Wait Clock Icon Clock WAIT_CLOCK

See Also

DocumentImage: Use icons inside a!documentImage() to display in a grid image column or an image field component.

Display Processes by Process Model with Status Icons: An example of icon indicators used in a grid, with sorting.