Process Details

Once a process is started, a new Process Details page is created that allows users with appropriate privileges to view information about the progress of the process.

The Process Details page serves as an administrative tool for process owners and other actors, who can use it to perform actions that affect the flow of a process. The actions that can be performed through this interface vary according to the security settings a user has for the corresponding process.

Viewing the Process Details

  • Select the Processes tab in the Application Designer. Recent processes are listed.
  • Click a process to display its process dashboard page.
  • On the process dashboard click Process Details. The process details page is displayed.

Process Details Toolbar Options

The following options are displayed on the Process Details toolbar.

To. . . Click
Remove the process instance. Data from this instance becomes unavailable for reports. Delete
Halt process execution at its current progress. Pause
Terminate all active process flows. Cancel
Update the active process, including adding new process activities. Edit
Monitor the active process and edit parameters, such as process variables. Monitor
Reset the default task priority for all tasks in the process. Change Priority
Change the security role map for the users and groups associated with the process. Security
View a list of active process instances for the process model. View the process model version history. Process Model Details
Update the current view. Refresh

Process Details Reports

The following tabs display a report that lists relevant information for the current process.

  • Current Tasks – The current tasks for the process.
  • Quick Tasks – Quick tasks activated by the current process are displayed.
  • Process History – This report describes the actions that occurred during the process execution. It lists the following columns of information.
    • The Date & Time that an action took place
    • The Object that was acted upon
    • The Action that occurred
    • The Actor (user or group) whose rights were used to make the change
    • The Properties of the action that occurred, such as the assignee listed when a task is assigned.
  • Process Nodes – The Process Nodes tab lists each node in the active process. If a node is executed multiple times, multiple entries are listed for that node.
  • Variables – Process variables and values for the process are displayed.
  • Sub-Processes – All sub-processes that have been triggered by the given process are displayed. Click a listed sub-process to display its process dashboard.

Other Process Details

The Notes tab allows you to view and add Notes to the current process.
The Attachments tab allows you to view and add Attachments to the current process.