The following hotfix is available for Appian 17.3.

Hotfix Package R

This is a cumulative hotfix package that includes Hotfix Packages A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, and Q as well as new hotfixes in a single download and a set of instructions. This package is required for all Appian 17.3 installations. After installing, you will be running on Appian 17.3 Hotfix Package R.

See the Installation section at the bottom of this page for instructions on how to install this hotfix package.

17.3 Hotfix Package R

Release Date: 22 March 2019

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - High

Release Date: 27 February 2019 (released as Hotfix Package Q)

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - Medium

  • AN-122269 - Medium
    Should a primary engine fail to successfully checkpoint when shutting down the service manager, the engine will now remain running to allow for subsequent attempts to checkpoint. Should checkpointing continue to fail with no obvious cause, such as lack of disk space, please contact Appian Support.

  • AN-125925 - Medium
    The service manager will now terminate with a descriptive error message if it is unable to allocate a thread rather than run in a potentially unstable state.

  • AN-123928 - Low
    Reduces the logging level from ERROR to INFO when there is a problem writing to the Interface Performance logs.

Release Date: 18 January 2019 (released as Hotfix Package P)

Resolved Issues

  • AN-122742 - High
    Parsing very large expressions now uses significantly less memory.

  • AN-122660 - Low
    Resolved an issue that caused exceptions to be printed in application server logs on startup.

Release Date: 21 December 2018 (released as Hotfix Package O)

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - Medium

  • AN-120819 - Critical
    Fixes an issue where, in rare circumstances, Appian data store entries intended to be transient could accumulate indefinitely, using more and more disk space.

Release Date: 30 November 2018 (released as Hotfix Package N)

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - High

  • AN-110671 - Medium
    Incremental updates from the process execution engines to the process analytics engines are now more resistant to certain types of data corruption.

  • AN-115044 - Low
    An issue that prevented some Data Stores from appearing in the list of an application's objects has been resolved.

  • AN-115154 - Low
    Fixed an issue where expression search results incorrectly displayed older versions of an evolved system rule, even though the latest version of the rule was referenced across all the objects in the application.

Release Date: 4 October 2018 (released as Hotfix Package M)

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - Critical

  • AN-114579 - Low
    A new public API getObjectsBytype replaces a previous API of the same name, which is now deprecated. The previous method required passing a private class as an argument (com.appiancorp.ix.Type); the new method uses classes available in the Public API.

Release Date: 28 September 2018 (released as Hotfix Package L)

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - Critical

  • AN-114751 - Medium
    Fixed an issue with running processes that contained the Call Integration smart service, which prevented the user from editing the in-flight process and saving changes.

Release Date: 31 August 2018 (released as Hotfix Package K)


  • Email polling now supports TLS 1.1 and 1.2. The End of Life date for TLS 1.0 has passed.

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - High

  • AN-107505 - High
    A form of data corruption that could occur after a rollback in an execution engine has been prevented.

  • AN-109954 - High
    Large number of emails in the notifications email engine will no longer cause the engine to lock up when it tries to send them.

  • AN-107654 - Medium
    The process execution kdbs will no longer start if the kdb file for one shard (i.e execution00) is placed in the folder for a different shard (i.e. execution01). This helps prevent certain kinds of data corruption that could after manual errors copying kdb files.

  • AN-110387 - Medium
    The mechanism for replicating data between the execution and analytics engines has been made more robust to errors.

  • AN-79496 - Low
    Fixed an issue where the text() function was incorrectly rounding certain numbers.

  • AN-82187 - Low
    The log file engine_disk_usage.csv now correctly reports the "Partition Space Available" column as being the total size of the disk partition, not the amount of unused space remaining on the partition. This updates behavior to be consistent with 16.3 and earlier.

  • AN-110276 Low -
    The service manager and services now shut down more reliably when running the stop script.

Release Date: 30 July 2018 (released as Hotfix Package J)


  • Metrics log files in logs/service-manager/metrics that are older than thirty days are now removed on startup of the service manager.

Resolved Issues

  • AN-109722 - Critical
    Process execution engine migration will now complete successfully for customers affected by the previously hotfixed issue AN-107056.

  • AN-108069 - High
    Fixes a performance issue caused by saving a rule or interface that references many other rules.

  • AN-108740 - High
    Fixed an issue that prevented a reassigned task from being available to the assignee pool

  • AN-64000 - Medium
    Fixes an issue where in some rare circumstances, older versions of rules were used when evaluating expressions.

  • AN-104252 - Medium
    The performance of pickers has been improved. Pickers now send substantially fewer requests to the server while the user is typing.

  • AN-109913 - Medium
    The service manager can now be restarted successfully if it is stopped or dies without first checkpointing after running the script.

Release Date: 29 June 2018 (released as Hotfix Package I)


  • The Expressions Trace log, expressions_trace.csv, has been updated to include an additional column that displays the name of the rule that called the function, rule, or smart service.

  • The Expressions Trace log, expressions_trace.csv, has been updated to include an additional column that displays the evaluation time of the individual function or rule excluding the evaluation time of its parameters.

Resolved Issues

  • AN-97654 - High
    The polling time for the test execution service has been increased from 1 sec to 30 sec to minimize load on the database and log file pollution.

  • AN-105401 - High
    A rare race condition that could cause deadlocks with the application server connecting to the Appian Engines has been resolved.

  • AN-106516 - High
    Re-archiving a process (after previously archiving and then unarchiving it) will no longer result in an engine rollback.

  • AN-106606 - High
    In high-availability configurations, when a replica engine falls more that 3000 transactions behind the corresponding primary engine, the replica will restart from the latest checkpointed engine data file on the next checkpoint event. This can significantly reduce the time to recovery for sites with high transaction throughput should a failover event occur.

  • AN-106898 - High
    In high-availability configurations, replica engines will no longer fall behind the corresponding primary engine in high-load situations.

  • AN-107056, AN-107053 - High
    Data corruption that could have resulted in incorrect process models starting has been corrected. This corruption could have only occurred after a rollback in an execution engine.

  • AN-102588 - Medium
    The Descendant Functions and Query Rules section of the Performance View now correctly reports the total time for functions that are called inside a!foreach.

  • AN-104953 - Medium
    Clicking Save multiple times in quick succession on a process calendar no longer resets the time zone.

  • AN-106415 - Medium
    Added date and time filters to the minute and hour aggregations on the historical view of the Rule Performance page, in order to increase usability of navigating to specific rules across a long spanning paging grid.

  • AN-106662 - Medium
    Dropdown choices can now be scrolled into view when the window is short.

  • AN-103154 - Low
    Additional debugging information is now logged during engine startup.

  • AN-105446 - Low
    Unarchival and re-archival of processes that use SAIL interfaces no longer causes an engine rollback.

  • AN-105621 - Low
    Fixed an issue where the historical view of the Rule Performance page would return a paging grid error when navigating between rules having more than and less than 25 data points.

Release Date: 25 May 2018 (released as Hotfix Package H)


  • The Expressions Trace log, expressions_trace.csv, has been updated to include two additional columns, the user triggering the evaluation and the thread where the evaluation is happening.

  • Background processing in the process execution engines has been made more efficient, resulting in lower CPU load.

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - High

  • AN-101940 - High
    The timeout for appending to the engine transaction log is now based on the size of the transaction. As a result, large transactions are less likely to timeout.

  • AN-103515 - High
    Transactions no longer timeout when replaying during a network partition.

  • AN-103715 - High
    Parsing very large expressions now uses significantly less memory.

  • AN-105127 - High
    WebAPIs are now correctly versioned upon save when using an Oracle RAC clustered database.

  • AN-83474 - Medium
    Allows the File Upload component to add the same file more than once.

  • AN-96843 - Medium
    The Start Process smart service and a!startProcess smart service function no longer pause by exception or throw an error when retrieving process data when executing while the system is encountering high load on the Process Analytics engines.

  • AN-104634 - Medium
    The Report option of the Object Type filter on the Objects View no longer excludes Process Reports.

  • AN-104637 - Medium
    The data collection for the Expression Rule Test Cases data metrics log is significantly faster.

  • AN-104917 - Medium
    When resetting the process analytics engines, incremental updates from process execution engines that take longer than one minute will no longer time out. The timeout has been increased to ten minutes.

  • AN-100351 - Low
    Updated links to SAML documentation.

Release Date: 23 April 2018 (released as Hotfix Package G)


  • The performance of using the object type filters in the All Objects view in Appian Designer has been improved.

  • The performance of the all objects view and some searches has been improved on systems with many versions of rules and documents.

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - High

  • AN-103064 - High
    Call Integration node inputs always correctly update with Integration's rule inputs. Previously, certain conditions could prevent an Integration's dependent process models from saving.

  • AN-103101 - High
    Replica engines now no longer act as if they are primary engines in some circumstances.

  • AN-100326 - Medium
    Fixed an issue where characters were occasionally dropped while typing into text and paragraph components in Internet Explorer 11.

  • AN-101490 * - Medium
    Additional character support in email subject lines from tasks

  • AN-102333 - Medium
    Reduced the number of connections to the Appian Data Source when generating email notifications

  • AN-102511 - Low
    Log files relating to Kafka are now periodically automatically cleaned up. Previously the number of log files would grow unbounded without manual intervention.

  • AN-102844 - Low
    The check in checkbox components now correctly updates based on the accent color.

  • AN-103249 - Low
    A possible NullPointerException in service manager that could occur when checking checkpoint status has been resolved.

  • AN-103250 - Low
    The status script no longer reports that an engine needs to checkpoint when a checkpoint is currently queued but has not yet completed.

  • AN-103752 - Low
    The Missing Precedents dialog no longer fails to open if there are a large number of missing precedents in an application.

Release Date: 30 March 2018 (released as Hotfix Package F)

Resolved Issues

  • AN-98876 - High
    The task link in task notification emails now takes the user to their correct start page when multiple start page configurations exist.

  • AN-85824 - Medium
    Fixed an issue with clicking on data points in a line chart.on data points in a line chart.

  • AN-94589 - Medium
    Added a warning to the Forms tab of attended smart services to clearly indicate that an automatically mapped interface's rule input is a proposed change, which will only take effect once the designer clicks 'OK'.

  • AN-98460 - Medium
    Rapidly clicking on a related action shortcut in a Site no longer starts multiple process instances.

  • AN-99979 - Medium
    Fixed a display issue with printing checkbox and file upload components in Internet Explorer 11.

  • AN-88751 - Low
    The date component correctly handles values in the year 9999.

  • AN-94495 - Low
    The data collection for the Expression Rule Test Cases data metrics log now happens in smaller batches.

  • AN-97061 - Low
    a!foreach now correctly distinguishes blank items in a list from each other, fixing an issue where data could be incorrectly shared between them.

  • AN-98070 - Low
    The status script now returns more quickly when one or more zookeeper instances is unresponsive.

  • AN-98540 - Low
    A rare race condition with the application server connecting to the Appian Engines has been resolved.

  • AN-99079 - Low
    A condition that could lead to multiple engines replicas acting as primary in a topology with multiple replica engines but only one Kafka instance can no longer occur.

  • AN-99320 - Low
    Appian is now more resistant to data corruption inside Zookeeper.

  • AN-99395 - Low
    An older copy of the /services/zookeeper directory is now deleted when applying the latest hotfix. Previously a second zookeeper directory was added when applying hotfixes, which resulted in an error during startup.

  • AN-100588 - Low
    Extended Latin characters now display correctly.

  • AN-100710 - Low
    Updated the maximum size of the import log file to 10 MB, to match the size for all other log files.

  • AN-102028, AN-102472 - Low
    Text now displays correctly when entered into paragraph components with placeholder text.

Release Date: 19 February 2018 (released as Hotfix Package E)

  • Security Updates - Medium

  • AN-93222 - Medium
    When the web server times out during import, the HTTP error message now indicates that the import will continue and finish in the background.

  • AN-98535 - Medium
    Viewing process notes for sub-processes no longer results in extreme growth in memory used by the execution engines.

  • AN-98899 - Medium
    Data stores can now be validated using aliases and synonyms in DB2 only. Cloud customers can resume validating the data stores against their Oracle databases irrespective of the existence of public synonyms. This will no longer lead to an error message containing The data source schema does not match the type mappings: Missing column: for Appian tables. This updates the behavior to be consistent with Appian versions before 17.3-HF16 and 17.4-HF5.

  • AN-99370 - Medium
    Search server index files are now excluded from the data backup script to prevent inconsistency due to their transient nature. This allows the customers to run the backup script without bringing down the environment.

  • AN-99391 - Low
    Logging configuration from are always respected. This corrects behavior broken in a previous hotfix.

  • AN-99874 - Low
    A race condition that could cause some application servers to use old versions of a rule after import has been removed.

Release Date: 2 February 2018 (released as Hotfix Package D)

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - Critical

  • AN-96481 - High
    Increases the retry count for intermittently failing a!startProcess in order to improve recovery

  • AN-96681 - High
    Engine failover on highly-available installations no longer runs the risk of a new engine not taking over as primary.

  • AN-98073 - High
    Fixed an issue with cursor position while focused on a paragraph in Internet Explorer 11.

  • Security Updates - Medium

  • AN-91738 - Medium
    An error no longer occurs if, immediately after a restart, the interface designer is opened multiple times in rapid succession.

  • AN-94509 - Medium
    Web APIs that call new versions of functions no longer revert to the old version of the function after testing the web API.

  • AN-96207 - Medium
    A race condition during engine failover when running in a high-availability configuration no longer prevents a replica from assuming leadership.

  • AN-96623 - Medium
    New line characters are removed from the subject lines of emails sent from Appian. Previously, the presence of a new line character could cause an email client to not properly render the email.

  • AN-96798 - Medium
    When a connection to a data source fails to close due to an error, that connection is no longer reused. Prior to this fix, the data source connection wouldn't be removed immediately, which could result in an error during a subsequent data source interaction. When the error occurred, an error message with the text "Connection is closed" would be logged.

  • AN-96925 - Medium
    The context for record views and reports is now being stored in application server memory when possible. This updates behavior to be consistent with 16.3 and earlier.

  • AN-96948 - Medium
    You can now use aliases and synonyms to tables and views when using the name attribute of the @Table JPA annotation. This capability can be used to map data store entities to tables and views that are not in the default schema of the data store.

  • AN-96964 - Medium
    The performance of functions called inside a!foreach no longer degrade disproportionally when items is an array of large items.

  • AN-97211 - Medium
    When using the Arabic locale and entering numbers in Western numerals, separators are now correctly preserved.

  • AN-98006 - Medium
    When testing an expression that returns a formatted output, appending null to an empty array no longer throws an error and will return the correct result.

  • AN-95445 - Low
    The status script no longer hangs when run when one or more servers is unreachable.

  • AN-96265 - Low
    When the stop script is used to stop Kafka, an error condition no longer causes Kafka to remain running.

  • AN-96649 - Low
    The engine stop script no longer fails to stop kafka, zookeeper, and service manager if a checkpoint is in-progress when the script is run.

  • AN-97063 - Low
    The application logs no longer print a NullPointerException error related to AppServerSystemMetricsLogScheduler.

  • AN-98159 - Low
    A rare edge condition that resulted in hanging site startup has been resolved.

  • AN-98247 - Low
    After deleting an object's current version, the previous version of the object will appear and be searchable in Appian Designer.

  • AN-98407 - Low
    The following files have been added to LICENSE/NOTICE.html

    • Apache Axis2
    • Apache Commons Codec
    • Apache Commons Lang
    • Apache Rampart
    • Apache Santuario
    • Apache XmlSchema
    • Apache WSS4J

Release Date: 15 December 2017 (released as Hotfix Package C)

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - High

  • AN-94877 - High
    Notifications are now sent correctly even when one or more of the recipients are deactivated.

  • AN-95433 - High
    Engine failover on highly-available installations no longer runs the risk of a new engine not taking over as primary.

  • AN-96498 - High
    Engines with very high transaction ids no longer fail to shut down gracefully.

  • AN-93376 - Medium
    The backup ant task now includes kdb files from the gw directories. This updates behavior to be consistent with 17.2 and earlier.

  • AN-93414 - Medium
    Tooltip on the user profile now displays correctly in Tempo when scrolling.

  • AN-93751 - Medium
    When navigating choices in a multiple dropdown component, selected choices are announced as selected by screen readers.

  • AN-94593 - Medium
    User accounts that only authenticate via Web APIs and use non-Appian authentication are no longer deactivated when the account reaches the Idle User Deactivation Duration, as configured in the Administration Console.

  • AN-84321 - Low
    Date and Date and Time components now reevaluate after losing focus when values were entered with the keyboard. This updates behavior to be consistent with 16.3 and earlier.

  • AN-85331 - Low
    Contents inside collapsible sections are now visible when the label is null. This updates behavior to be consistent with 16.3 and earlier.

  • AN-92678 - Low
    Button array layouts are now accepted in the buttons configuration for form layouts. This updates behavior to be consistent with 17.2 and earlier.

  • AN-92917 - Low
    Paragraph components with placeholder text are now correctly enabled when accepting tasks.

  • AN-94803 - Low
    Leading and trailing white space is now trimmed from text columns in paging grids. This updates behavior to be consistent with 16.3 and earlier.

  • AN-95029 - Low
    Heavy load on the process design and process analytics engines will no longer cause the start process smart service to pause by exception.

  • AN-95312 - Low
    The "Used System Memory" reported in system.csv no longer includes slab memory. Previously, memory that was reclaimable by the system was counted in the used memory, resulting in the appearance of a lower amount of memory being available than was actually available.

  • AN-96643 - Low
    Design objects can now be imported and exported after being modified by a call to the ContentService.createVersion public API method. Before this fix, an error would occur when exporting an object that had been modified by ContentService.createVersion where an array containing only a single item was passed as a parameter to the method.

Release Date: 6 November 2017 (released as Hotfix Package B)

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - High

  • AN-94210 - Critical
    An issue that caused the application server to become completely unresponsive in rare circumstances has been fixed.

  • AN-93557 - High
    Sporadic permissions errors with the urlforrecord() function in process no longer occur.

  • AN-74776 - Medium
    File names that include non-ASCII characters are no longer changed when uploading or downloading them with Internet Explorer 11.

  • AN-91059 - Medium
    Deleting a web API no longer results in an error on sites using SQL Server for their primary data source.

  • AN-91705 - Medium
    The identity provider metadata file uploaded to Appian as part of the SAML configuration no longer expires. The expiration date for any existing metadata file is also updated to never expire. Prior to this fix, the metadata file would expire one year after uploading. The workaround was to upload the metadata file again.

  • AN-91783 - Medium
    It is now possible to update the definition of a data type that has dependent data types that contain references to top-level elements that are not defined in any of the schemas being imported. Previously, the update would fail with a log message containing the reason: "The XSD could not be imported because it references a missing element."

  • AN-91904 - Medium
    Nested lists of components, such as those created by looping functions, are now treated as if they were flattened in rich text components and form, dashboard, section, columns, billboard, and box layouts.

  • AN-91909 - Medium
    In Tempo, hovering on a user picture, username, participant icon, or record tag will now correctly display the corresponding pop-up card or window when using Chrome version 61 or higher.

  • AN-93060 - Medium
    The "More Actions" button associated with record related action shortcuts now opens consistently.

  • AN-93433 - Medium
    When referencing a CDT field called "map" in an expression, the field name is no longer changed when you save the object.

  • AN-93459 - Medium
    Placeholder text color now satisfies WCAG 2.0 contrast ratio requirements.

  • AN-93575 - Medium
    The date component's label is now correctly read by screen readers.

  • AN-94420 - Medium
    A race condition in distributed sites that could cause checkpointing to hang has been resolved.

  • AN-91582 - Low
    When the web server is configured with the response header X-Content-Type-Options: nosniff, icons in the process modeler now render correctly in all supported browsers. Previously, some icons would be missing when using Internet Explorer.

  • AN-93709 - Low
    Updating a rule folder's properties while viewing its contents in the application designer no longer automatically adds it to the application.

  • AN-92672 - Low
    The Hit Policy menu of the Decision Designer now renders correctly when using Chrome.

  • AN-93060 - Low
    Some file upload validations, such as those for blocking certain extensions on the whole system, no longer display when chaining back into a form that previously showed them.

  • AN-93278 - Low
    Performance and memory optimization in the search and find expression functions.

  • AN-94311 - Low
    The Query Database Smart Service now properly parameterizes activity class parameters when using SQL statements other than SELECT and UPDATE.

  • AN-93345 - Low
    Zookeeper related data is now stored inside the services/data directory instead of in the server’s temp directory.

Release Date: 29 September 2017 (released as Hotfix Package A)

Resolved Issues

  • Security Updates - High

  • AN-91423 - High
    The eviction policy for the connections created for data sources defined in the Administration Console has been adjusted to prevent the occurrence of query timeouts due to stale connections. The number of connection evictions per eviction cycle is now equal to the maximum number of idle connections.

  • AN-91662 - High
    The "Use Lowercase" setting in the SAML configuration page in the Admin Console will now cause Appian to use the lowercase of the username sent by the identity provider when logging in or looking up accounts. This updates behavior to be consistent with 17.2 and earlier.

  • AN-82746 - Medium
    Fixed an issue where the date and time component did not work correctly for certain time zones. Affected time zones are those starting with "SystemV" or those consisting of three letters with no other identifying description. Affected timezones: SystemV/HST10, SystemV/YST9, SystemV/YST9YDT, SystemV/PST8, SystemV/PST8PDT, SystemV/MST7, SystemV/MST7MDT, SystemV/CST6, SystemV/CST6CDT, SystemV/EST5, SystemV/EST5EDT, SystemV/AST4, SystemV/AST4ADT, AST, PST, PNT, CST, IET, PRT, CNT, BET, AGT, ECT, ART, CAT, EAT, NET, PLT, IST, BST, VST, CTT, JST, ACT, AET, SST, NST, MIT

  • AN-88465 - Medium
    Fixed a rare problem involving incorrect system behavior after an application server restart.

  • AN-89091 - Medium
    Quickly clicking buttons configured with confirmation messages can no longer put SAIL into an unresponsive state.

  • AN-90448 - Medium
    The width of line charts now grows appropriately as series and categories are added.

  • AN-90482 - Medium
    The Start Process smart service now consistently activates its outgoing flow when configured to run multiple node instances at the same time and move on when all instances are done.

  • AN-91554 - Medium
    The Site record header now updates correctly when a contextual related action is selected.

  • AN-91725 - Medium
    Fixed an issue with scrolling behavior while focused on a paragraph in a grid.

  • AN-92238 - Medium
    The Properties dialog of an object will always show the properties for the correct object that is selected on the current page.

  • AN-92277 - Medium
    The user option menu is now accessible when accessing Tempo via a browser on an iOS device.

  • AN-92404 - Medium
    Paging grids now work correctly when the value for identifiers is a scalar.

  • AN-80007 - Low
    The system default language is now respected on the sign-in page and in Tempo, even when the "Always override users' selected language" checkbox is not selected.

  • AN-86199 - Low
    The Sites navigation icons and the button that shows more record related actions now render correctly when using Internet Explorer 11 with security configurations that disable font downloads.

  • AN-90286 - Low
    Grid fields no longer validate row identifiers when selection is disabled. This updates behavior to be consistent with 16.3 and earlier.

  • AN-90775 - Low
    The link to Appian in the password reset email now takes users to the correct password reset page regardless of whether external identity providers are configured.

  • AN-90886 - Low
    The design view in the interface designer now correctly handles constants that have the same name as a function.

  • AN-91676 - Low
    New checkpoint files are now guaranteed to have a higher number than the previous highest-numbered .kdb file in the gw1/ directory.


Perform the following steps to apply the hotfix:

  1. Stop Appian. See Starting and Stopping Appian for detailed instructions:
    1. Shut down the application server.
    2. Shut down the search server.
    3. Shutdown all Appian Engines, ensuring that the engines are checkpointed upon shutdown.
  2. Back up your existing Appian instance. See Backing Up Your Existing Appian Instance for instructions.
  3. Unzip the contents of the archive into your <APPIAN_HOME> directory.
  4. Run the deleteFiles script (deleteFiles.bat on Windows, on Linux) that is now located in your <APPIAN_HOME> directory.
  5. Unzip the contents of the archive that is now located your <APPIAN_HOME> directory.
  6. If it exists and is empty, delete the directory: <APPIAN_HOME>/search-server/plugins/appian-elasticsearch-auth
  7. Delete the deleteFiles script and
  8. If you are using a Web server, copy the content of <APPIAN_HOME>/ear/suite.ear/web.war to the folder where the Web server is getting the static resources. See Copy Static Resources to the Web Server for more information.
  9. Clear the application server cache
    • If you are running JBoss, delete the folder <JBOSS_HOME>/standalone/tmp/work/jboss.web/default-host/suite (including all subfolders) to clear the application server's JSP cache
    • If you are running WebLogic, delete the <WEBLOGIC_HOME>/<project_name>/domains/<domain_name>/config/deployments/<suite.ear> and <WEBLOGIC_HOME>/<project_name>/domains/<domain_name>/servers/AdminServer/tmp/_WL_user/<suite> directories to clear the cache when re-deploying the application.
  10. If you are using WebLogic:
    • Delete the existing suite.ear from WebLogic.
    • Deploy the Appian EAR.
      • From the WebLogic Administration Console, on the Deployments screen, click Install.
      • Select suite.ear (<APPIAN_HOME>/ear/suite.ear) and click Next.
      • Select Install this deployment as an application and click Next.
      • On the next screen, click Finish.
  11. Start Appian:
    1. Start the Appian Engines.
    2. Start the search server.
    3. Start the application server.

To determine if Appian 17.3 Hotfix Package R is deployed, open the file located in <APPIAN_HOME>/ear/suite.ear/conf. The contents of this file should match the following code sample:

##Appian Corporation Build Information
#Mon, 18 Mar 2019 03:55:20 -0400