Appian Interfaces

As the industry's first functionally-complete single-platform composite enterprise application solution, Appian provides the following user interfaces.

User Interfaces


Tempo is the primary interface for Appian users. It displays five tabs for you to view and complete work in Appian. Download the Appian Quick Reference Guide to learn more about using Appian.

Appian for Mobile Devices

The Appian for Mobile Devices application allows users to view and interact with the Tempo interface using a mobile device.


Sites provide a simple and distraction-free experience for focused task workers who don't need the five-tab navigation bar shown in Tempo.

Embedded Interfaces

Embedded interfaces make it possible to embed tasks and related actions on other Web sites using HTML5 Web components.

Designer Interfaces

Appian Designer

The Appian Designer environment is a modern workspace where designers can create or import new applications, modify applications, or drill into a single application to work on the objects associated with it. Access Appian Designer by navigating to /design (for example,

Processes and Notifications

The /designer interface is used to view runtime process data and process notifications. Access this interface by navigating to /designer.


Appian Administration Console

The Appian Administration Console is where System Administrators update certain configuration properties, such as branding, third-party credentials, user management, and data retention through the web interface.