Appian Documentation

Powerful and attractive, this release has a little of everything in it.

New SAIL Component: Box Layout
This flexible, new component allows you to wrap content in containers, opening up a lot of new design possibilities.
Better Integrations
We've crossed over into new territory with our integration tools, introducing a new object to store authentication credentials for reuse, better process-model support, and cool visualizations.
Search in Expressions
We've added a powerful new capability that gives you wide-ranging visibility to expressions within your application objects. You can now search within expressions in your application objects.
We've been improving the way users navigate our docs.

UX Design Guide
There's a new, revised, and expanded UX Design Guide. The new guide has a whole slew of new topics, and we're adding more with every release to cover our new features.
New Lookup Page for Process Model Pallete Options
We took the old Smart Services page and turned it into a reference page where you can look up any pallet option you see in the process modeler. This is one to bookmark.
Data & Integration

Learn about working with data in Appian and integrating with other applications within your business.

Analytics & Reporting

Find and discover information about your business with Appian's analytical and reporting tools.

App Lifecycle

Application ideas become reality fast in Appian; learn about designing, testing, and deploying your applications.