Define a Simple Currency Component

SAIL Recipes give you an opportunity to explore different interface design patterns. To learn how to directly use SAIL recipes within your interfaces, see Adapt a SAIL Recipe to Work with My Applications.


Show a text field that allows the user to enter dollar amounts including the dollar symbol and thousand separators, but save the value as a decimal rather than text. Additionally, always show the dollar amount with the dollar symbol.


This design pattern is not recommended for offline interfaces because reflecting immediate changes in an interface based on user interaction requires a connection to the server.

This scenario demonstrates:

  • How to configure a SAIL component to format a user's input


    label:"Amount in Text",
    /* Instructions  show the saved datatype*/
    instructions: "Type of local!amount: " & typename(typeof(local!amount)),
    value: if(isnull(local!amount), "", dollar(local!amount)),
    /* Instead of saving the value as text, a!save() is used to store to the desired datatype*/
    saveInto: a!save(local!amount, todecimal(save!value))

Test it out

  1. Enter $12345 and click away from the field. Notice that the text box shows $12,345.00 and that the saved value is a decimal.
  2. Enter $12,345.23 and click away from the field.
  3. Enter a1b2c3 and click away. Notice that the text box removes the non-numeric characters and treats the remaining as a decimal value. A true currency component would catch this as an error case, hence why this is called a simple currency example.

Notable Implementation Details

  • Because dollar() will not accept a null value, we set the value conditionally until local!amount has a value