Starred Processes

The Processes view allows you to star listed processes to mark for quick access. Processes that have been starred display on the Starred Processes report view. The Starred Processes report displays the active or completed process instances, which you identify for future reference.

  • To mark a process as starred, search for the process through the list and click the star icon next to its name. The icon changes from clear Star favorite docs.gif to gold color. Star selected.gif


  • You can also star processes by clicking the star marker next to the process when viewing process reports.


  • To remove a starred process model from the starred list — click the gold star next to its name to make the icon clear again.

  • To access the Starred Processes view, click the Processes tab.

  • Select Favorite Processes in the left navigation. (Process Models can also be starred, which are displayed on a similar report.)

  • The Starred Process Models view displays selected models.

    • Unlike favorite documents, folders, and knowledge centers that are displayed when you click the Documents tab, this report is not automatically displayed when you click the Processes tab.