Process Variables

Using node inputs and outputs

A process variable is a place-holder for data that can be accessed throughout a process. It is the means by which data gets transferred between nodes in the model. Process variables are also used to provide reporting data.

To use node input data in more than one node, it must be mapped to a process variable.

For instance, if there is one node that uploads a document, the document ID can be stored in a process variable called pv!uploadedDoc. Later in the process, another node that sends an email could access the document ID through a process variable and send an email to another user with a link to the document.

Data Types

All data in Appian is classified into a certain data type, such as Number, Group, or Document. You can also import custom data types from the Call Web Service Node or from an XSD file. See Custom Data Types.


Many processes are started when a user completes a form. The process variables that capture form data at the start of a process are called parameters.

See the Process Start Form help topic for additional information on parameter process variables.

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