Encrypted Text Component

Encrypted Text

SAIL Function: a!encryptedTextField()

Allows entry of a single line of text that is encrypted when saved into a variable. The value remains encrypted while on the server and is only decrypted when displayed in the component.

See Also: Encrypted Text Data Type, Text


Name Keyword Type Description
Label label Text Optional text to display as the field label.
Label Position labelPosition Text Optional text to determine where the label appears. Valid values include
  • "ABOVE" (default) Displays the label above the component.
  • "ADJACENT" Displays the label to the left of the component.
  • "COLLAPSED" Hides the label. The label will still be read by screen readers; see accessibility considerations for more information.
Instructions instructions Text Optional text displayed below the field's value.
Help Tooltip helpTooltip Text Displays a help icon with the specified text as a tooltip. The tooltip displays a maximum of 500 characters. The help icon does not show when the label position is "COLLAPSED".
Placeholder placeholder Text Optional text to display in the field when it is empty. Does not show if the field is read only.
Display Value value Decrypted Text Text to display in the text encrypted field.
Save Input To saveInto Save Array One or more variables that are updated with the encrypted text when the user changes the field.
Refresh After refreshAfter Text Determines when the interface is refreshed with the saved value from the encrypted text field. Valid values are "KEYPRESS" to refresh after every character typed into the field and "UNFOCUS" (the default value) to refresh when the user deselects the field after changing its value.
Required required Boolean Determines if a value is required to submit the form. Default is false.
Required Message requiredMessage Text Custom message to be displayed when the field's value is required and not provided.
Read-only readOnly Boolean If set to true, prohibits users from editing the *value*. Default is false.
Disabled disabled Boolean Determines if the user is prevented from changing the value and determines if the field should be grayed out. Default is false.
Masked masked Boolean Determines if the value is obscured from view. Default is false.
Validation Group validationGroup Text When present, this field is only validated when a button in the same validation group is clicked.
Alignment align Text Alignment of the text value (except on mobile devices). Valid values are "LEFT", "CENTER", and "RIGHT". Appian recommends setting the alignment when used in an editable grid component only.
Visibility showWhen Boolean Determines whether the component is displayed on the interface. When set to false, the component is hidden and is not evaluated. Default: true.


  • Useful for gathering sensitive data from and displaying sensitive data to a user. The value entered in the field is encrypted before being stored in the variable specified in the Save Input To parameter. The Display Value parameter is decrypted just before being displayed in the field. The value remains encrypted when stored on disk.
  • The variable given as the Display Value parameter and the Save Input To parameter must be of type Encrypted Text. Variables declared as load() local variables are valid. Literal values or variables of other types are not valid.
  • Since the value is encrypted before it can be acted upon by a validation expression, no validation beyond checking for requiredness is possible with this component. For example, it is not possible to write an expression that validates that an id number matches the form xxx-xx-xxxx, nor is it possible to compare to values of type Encrypted Text to determine if they are equal.
  • The value given to the Display Value parameter cannot be modified by an expression that expects Text because Encrypted Text is a different data type. No modification to the user input before storing it into the Save Input To variable is possible for the same reason.
  • When creating an interface in the Interface Designer that uses this component to save into an interface input of type Encrypted Text, the value of that input is not displayed inline in the Data pane. To access the value, click [Encrypted Text] in the value column.
  • This component has the same appearance as the text component.
  • Whether placeholder text clears on focus or input varies by device and browser. Placeholder text does not display on Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.


Encrypting and Decrypting a Value from a User

    contents: {
        columns: {
            contents: {
                label: "Input",
                instructions: "Enter a secret here",
                value: local!secret,
                saveInto: local!secret,
                refreshAfter: "KEYPRESS"
            contents: {
                label: "Output",
                instructions: "The value is displayed here",
                value: local!secret,
                readOnly: true