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This release brings a host of exciting new features.

New Design Object: Decision
This release includes a new design object, the Decision, that captures business rules in a decision table.
New Design Object: Integration
Integrating with other systems is now as easy to build as anything else in Appian thanks to the new Intergration design object.
New Looping Function: forEach()
A powerful, new looping function that supercedes apply() and applyComponents().
There's a lot of updated and new content to explore:

UX Design Guide
The new revised and expanded UX Design Guide is a collection of best practices and recommendations for creating attractive and usable interfaces.
Appian Functions Lookup Table
We redid the Appian Functions page with a robust lookup table that makes browsing and searching through our library of functions faster and more effective. Check it out!
SAIL Recipes
With so many new and improved components and functions, we decided to update every single SAIL recipe to use all modern features so you can hit the ground running with all the cool new stuff in 17.2.
Forms & Interfaces

Resources to create great interfaces for your applications.

Data & Integration

Learn about working with data in Appian and integrating with other applications within your business.

Analytics & Reporting

Find and discover information about your business with Appian's analytical and reporting tools.

App Lifecycle

Application ideas become reality fast in Appian; learn about designing, testing, and deploying your applications.