a!sblCreate() Function

Creates a new record in Siebel.


a!sblCreate( scsExternalSystemKey, usePerUserCredentials, hostname, port, enterpriseApp, appManager, language, parameters, fieldValues)

Common Parameters:

scsExternalSystemKey: (Text) The key from the Third Party Credentials admin console page that corresponds to the set of credentials that should be used to authenticate.

usePerUserCredentials: (Boolean) If true the credentials set in the Third-Party Credentials settings page by the current user running the expression will be used. If false the site-wide credential values will be used.

hostname: (Text) The hostname of the Siebel server. For example, siebel.example.com.

port: (Number (Integer)) The port the Siebel server is listening on. For example, 2321.

enterpriseApp: (Text) The enterprise application of the target system. For example, "SBA_82".

appManager: (Text) The active application manager of the target system. For example, "SSEObjMgr_enu".

language: (Text) The target system language. For example, "enu".

Specific Parameters:

parameters: (Any Type) The record to create, given as a dictionary with the field structure of the Siebel Business Component and Business Object to create.

fieldValues: (Any Type) The field values of the new record to create, given as a dictionary with the field names based on the fields of the Business Object and values set to the desired new field values.



This function returns a writer and must be used with the bind() function.

See also:


Create a New Order in Siebel

Copy and paste the expression into the Interface Designer, save it, then call the interface in a Tempo Report to test.

  local!sblCreateWriter: bind(
      scsExternalSystemKey: cons!SBL_SCS_KEY,
      usePerUserCredentials: true,
      hostname: cons!SBL_HOSTNAME,
      port: cons!SBL_PORT,
      enterpriseApp: cons!SBL_APP,
      appManager: cons!SBL_APP_MANAGER,
      language: cons!SBL_LANGUAGE,
      parameters: {
        'Order Entry (Sales)': {
          'Order Entry - Orders': {}
      fieldValues: _
    firstColumnContents: {
        label: "Order Number",
        value: local!orderNumber,
        saveInto: local!orderNumber
        label: "Status",
        placeholderLabel: "--- Select Status ---",
        choiceLabels: cons!SIEBEL_STATUS,
        choiceValues: cons!SIEBEL_STATUS,
        value: local!status,
        saveInto: local!status
          label: "Create in Siebel",
          value: {
            'Order Number': local!orderNumber,
            Status: local!status
          saveInto: local!sblCreateWriter