a!cmiGetObjectIdByPath() Function

Retrieves the object id of a CMIS object based on the value given as the path parameter.


a!cmiGetObjectIdByPath( scsExternalSystemKey, usePerUserCredentials, atomPubUrl, repositoryId, path)

Common Parameters:

scsExternalSystemKey: (Text) The key from the Third Party Credentials admin console page that corresponds to the set of credentials that should be used to authenticate.

usePerUserCredentials: (Boolean) If true the credentials set in the Third-Party Credentials settings page by the current user running the expression will be used. If false the site-wide credential values will be used.

atomPubUrl: (Text) The Atom Pub URL of the CMIS target system.

repositoryId: (Text) The repository id on the CMIS target system.

Specific Parameters:

path: (Text) The CMIS path of the object. The meaning of the path is defined by the CMIS server. For example, /folder1/folder2/mydocument3.


The function returns the standard connector result dictionary described in the main Connectors page.

If successful, the result field contains the CMIS object id at the given path.


Get a CMIS Object ID for a Give Path

This example returns the object id for the given path if the query is successful. Otherwise, it returns a message with the error encountered.

Copy and paste the expression below in an expression rule, replace the <path> text with a valid path in CMIS, e.g. /folderName, and click Test Rule.

  local!cmisResult: a!cmiGetObjectIdByPath(
    scsExternalSystemKey: cons!CMIS_SCS_KEY,
    usePerUserCredentials: true,
    atomPubUrl: cons!CMIS_URL,
    repositoryId: cons!CMIS_REPO_ID,
    path: "<path>"