a!cmiCreateFolder() Function

Creates a folder in the CMIS target system.


a!cmiCreateFolder( scsExternalSystemKey, usePerUserCredentials, atomPubUrl, repositoryId, parentId, properties)

Common Parameters:

scsExternalSystemKey: (Text) The key from the Third Party Credentials admin console page that corresponds to the set of credentials that should be used to authenticate.

usePerUserCredentials: (Boolean) If true the credentials set in the Third-Party Credentials settings page by the current user running the expression will be used. If false the site-wide credential values will be used.

atomPubUrl: (Text) The Atom Pub URL of the CMIS target system.

repositoryId: (Text) The repository id on the CMIS target system.

Specific Parameters:

parentId: (Text) The object id of the CMIS folder which will be the parent of the new folder. Use null for root.

properties: (Any Type) The CMIS folder properties, given as a dictionary. The string "cmis:" will automatically be included in the key name if no colon is present in key name. Example: {name: "test name", description: "test description"}



This function returns a writer and must be used with the bind() function.

See also:


Create a New Folder in CMIS

Copy and paste the expression into the Interface Designer, save it, then call the interface in a Tempo Report to test.

  local!cmiCreateFolderWriter: bind(
      scsExternalSystemKey: cons!CMIS_SCS_KEY,
      usePerUserCredentials: true,
      atomPubUrl: cons!CMIS_URL,
      repositoryId: cons!CMIS_REPO_ID,
      /* Creates the folder in the root directory `*/
      /*` Replace with the parent folder's id to create under a different folder */
      parentId: null,
      properties: _
    firstColumnContents: {
        label: "Folder Name",
        value: local!folderName,
        saveInto: local!folderName
        buttons: {
            label: "Create Folder",
            value: {name: local!folderName},
            saveInto: local!cmiCreateFolderWriter