a!cmiCopyDocumentFromAppian() Function

Copies an Appian document to a location in the CMIS target system, specified by the value of the objectId parameter.


a!cmiCopyDocumentFromAppian( scsExternalSystemKey, usePerUserCredentials, atomPubUrl, repositoryId, objectId, properties, appianDocument, appianDocumentVersion, appianDocumentAllowExpired)

Common Parameters:

scsExternalSystemKey: (Text) The key from the Third Party Credentials admin console page that corresponds to the set of credentials that should be used to authenticate.

usePerUserCredentials: (Boolean) If true the credentials set in the Third-Party Credentials settings page by the current user running the expression will be used. If false the site-wide credential values will be used.

atomPubUrl: (Text) The Atom Pub URL of the CMIS target system.

repositoryId: (Text) The repository id on the CMIS target system.

Specific Parameters:

objectId: (Text) The object id of the CMIS folder to which the Appian document will be copied.

properties: (Any Type) The CMIS document properties, given as a dictionary. The string "cmis:" will automatically be included in the key name if no colon is present in key name. Example: {name:"test name", description:"test description"}

appianDocument: (Document) The Appian document to copy to the target CMIS system.

appianDocumentVersion: (Number (Integer)) The version number of the Appian document to copy to the target CMIS system. If no value is provided for this parameter, the current version of the document will be copied.

appianDocumentAllowExpired: (Boolean) Determines if expired Appian documents can be copied. Default: true.



This function returns a writer and must be used with the bind() function.

See also:


Pick a Document in Appian and Copy to the Specified CMIS Folder Id

Copy and paste the expression into the Interface Designer, save it, then call the interface in a Tempo Report to test.

  local!cmiCopyDocumentFromAppianWriter: bind(
      scsExternalSystemKey: cons!CMIS_SCS_KEY,
      usePerUserCredentials: true,
      atomPubUrl: cons!CMIS_URL,
      repositoryId: cons!CMIS_REPO_ID,
      objectId: local!cmisFolderId,
      properties: {name: "Example Document"},
      appianDocument: _
    firstColumnContents: {
        label: "Folder Id",
        instructions: "The object id of the CMIS folder into which the Appian document will be copied",
        value: local!cmisFolderId,
        saveInto: local!cmisFolderId
        label: "Select an Appian Document",
        instructions: "The selected document will be copied to the target CMIS site",
        maxSelections: 1,
        value: local!appianDocument,
        saveInto: local!appianDocument
        buttons: {
            label: "Copy Document to CMIS",
            value: local!appianDocument,
            saveInto: local!cmiCopyDocumentFromAppianWriter