Quick Links Using Intuitive URLs

Intuitive URLs are quick links that can be used to access various Appian objects.

For example, you can link to a discussion forum using its intuitive URL, such as http://<HOST.DOMAIN>/suite/forum/9203 where 9203 is the ID of the forum.

Object IDs

All Appian Objects have ID numbers. You can obtain the ID number of an object by viewing its properties.

In the following tables, we have listed intuitive URLs in Appian with some examples of typical usage. Intuitive URLs always begin with a base URL of http://<HOST.DOMAIN>/suite/. Append the object ID to build the desired URL.

NOTE: Only the URLs listed in the tables below are considered public URLs and are guaranteed to remain stable from release to release.

Best Practice: When an object is exported and imported onto a new system, the object ID (displayed on the object's properties) may change. For this reason, we recommend using a constant, rule, or variable to represent an object ID when configuring object links in your application. The following approach is commonly used:

  1. Create a constant, process variable, or rule for each object ID.
  2. List the ID property of the object (as an integer) for the constant or variable's value. Or, define a rule that retrieves the object ID.
  3. Use the constant (or rule) in place of the object ID when configuring a link to the object, such as linktodocument(cons!DocTemplate,"Template") rather than linktodocument(48,"Template") - or - linktoprocessdashboardinternal(parent_process_id(),"Back to Parent Process") rather than linktoprocessdashboardinternal(108,"Back to Parent Process"
  4. After importing the application (with these objects and constants) update the constants with the new object IDs.

Tempo Intuitive URLs

Object Description Parameter(s) Example(s)
Feed Entry Link to a Tempo feed entry Entry ID (entry) /suite/tempo/news/entry/b-32618
Records List Link to a Tempo List of Records for a Specific Record Type Record Type URL Shortcut (text)
  • Auto-generated when creating the Record Type
  • /suite/tempo/records/type/abc123/view/all
    Record Detail Link to a Tempo Record Detail Page Record Opaque ID (record) /suite/tempo/records/type/abc123/item/b8486542

    NOTE: You can retrieve the intuitive URL for a feed entry by clicking the entry's timestamp as shown below:


    NOTE: You can retrieve the intuitive URL for a record using the urlforrecord() expression function.

    See also: urlforrecord()

    System Object Intuitive URLs

    The following intuitive URLs are displayed in the Application Designer interface. (Do not include /Designer/ in the path.)

    Object Description Parameter Example(s)
    Group Link to a group object Group ID (group) suite/group/30
    Folder Link to a folder object Folder ID (folder) suite/folder/203
    Knowledge Center Link to a knowledge center object Knowledge Center ID (kc) suite/kc/920
    Document Management Community Link to a document management community Community ID (community) suite/community/9
    Discussion Forum Link to a discussion forum Forum ID (forum) suite/forum/903
    Discussion Thread Link to a discussion thread Thread ID (thread) suite/thread/9003
    Process Link to a process instance dashboard Process ID (proc) suite/proc/630
    Process Model Link to a process model dashboard Process Model ID (model) suite/model/3
    Report Link to a report Report ID (report) suite/report/33
    Task Link to a task Task ID (task) suite/task/9203
    User Link to a user profile Username (user) suite/user/john.doe`

    Best Practice: Do not design legacy intuitive URL links to appear on pages available to Application Users.

    • Use linkto__internal() functions instead of linkto__() functions, or create the link of the form (for example, /apps/<APP_NAME>/<TAB_NAME>/<OBJECT_TYPE>/<id>.