Knowledge Center Security


Knowledge Centers (KCs) are containers for folders and their files. Setting the security of a KC allows you to define security for all the folders and files inside of it. KC security is derived from two different security properties: security rules that define specific security attributes and permission levels for specifying what groups and users have access.

If the KC has a parent Community, it and its content inherit the Community's security. If the Community and KC security conflict, the Community's security takes precedence.

Security Rules

KC security rules define certain aspects of their access control. When creating a KC in /designer or using the Create KC smart service there are preset security levels available for different combinations of the rules:

  • High
  • Medium
  • Low

Medium is the most commonly used preset, and in the Appian Designer environment all KCs are created with the Medium security level setting.

The rules and combinations for the preset security levels are described in the table below.

Rule Security Level
High Medium Low
Only users in the rolemap of the KC can access the KC and its contents Yes Yes No
The KC and its contents are not displayed in /designer search results Yes No No
All changes to the files contained in the KC require approval by the KC administrator Yes No No

All other combinations of security rules fall under the Custom security level setting.

User Permission Levels

Users assigned to KCs can have the following permission levels:

  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Viewer
  • Deny

Note: In /designer the permission levels are called Administrator, Author, Read Only, and Deny, respectively.

The following actions can be completed by each permission level:

Action Permission Level
Administrator Editor Viewer
View and download Medium and High security KCs and their content Yes Yes Yes
View file properties in /designer Yes Yes Yes
Create new folders and upload files Yes Yes No
View KC security in the Appian Designer Yes Yes No
Move and delete KCs Yes No No
Move and delete folders Yes No No
Edit file names and descriptions Yes No No
Manage KC security and Access Requests Yes No No
View KC Properties, File Expirations, Pending Changes, and Statistics Yes No No

Basic users associated with the Deny permission level cannot see the KC or its contents.

See also: Setting Folder Users Rights

Configuring KC Security

Here is a list of common considerations when configuring security for a KC:

  • If a KC is configured with the Low security level setting, it and its contents will be visible to all users even if they are not in the rolemap.
  • If users need to create or upload content, the users or appropriate groups need to be assigned the Editor permission level, regardless of the security level of the KC.
  • If users need to be able to move or delete content, ensure they are in a group that is assigned the Administrator permission level.

Editing KC Security

Editing the security of a KC can be done by modifying the permissions levels of groups and users already in its rolemap, adding new groups and users to the rolemap, or changing the security rules of the KC.

To edit the rolemap of a KC in the Appian Designer environment:

  1. Select a KC in the application contents view.
    The Security button appears in the toolbar.
  2. Click Security.
  3. From the Knowledge Center Security dialog, select the desired permission level for each user or group using the dropdown.
  4. Click Save Changes to save your edits and close the dialog.

To add users or groups to the KC rolemap:

  1. From the Knowledge Center Security dialog, click the + Users or Groups link.
    The Add Users or Groups dialog appears:
  2. Search for the desired users or groups in the picker and select the permission level that should be set for them. Click Add to add your selection to the rolemap.
  3. Click Save Changes to save your additions and close the dialog.

Users can also be removed from the rolemap by clicking the red x icon next to the user or group's permission level on the Knowledge Center Security dialog.

Customizing KC Security Rules

If you need to edit the security rules of an existing KC, you must access the KC Security menu from the /designer environment.

To edit the security rules of a KC in /designer:

  1. From the Documents tab, select the checkbox next to the name of the KC and click Security.
  2. From the Security dialog, navigate to the Rules tab. From here you can configure what rules will be applied to this KC.
  3. Select the appropriate checkboxes and click OK to save your changes.

See also: Modify KC Security Smart Service