Get Started with Appian Designer

Access Appian Designer by navigating to /design (for example, or by clicking the Appian Designer link in the header of the /designer interface. The Appian Designer has two primary views of the system, described below.

Applications List

The default view in the Appian Designer is a list of all applications in the environment. From here, you can create or import new applications, modify applications, or drill into a single application to work on the objects associated with it. Drilling into an application brings you to the application designer, where they are presented with a list of the objects associated with the application.

Objects View

The objects view lists all design objects in the environment. This view is useful for finding a single specific object quickly and editing it or adding it to an application.

Working with Appian Designer

There are several common sections in these interfaces: typical Appian Designer window

  1. The header bar shows the context of the window and offers more actions and settings.
    • Clicking on the object name in the top left opens a dialog to view and edit its common properties.
    • The settings menu shows general actions and settings for that objects or application.
    • The user menu next to it shows options to log out or navigate to other user workspaces.
  2. The left pane shows controls and filters that set the context for what appears in the main grid (#3).
  3. The main grid shows a list of objects or applications, filtered by the controls in the left nav (#2). The toolbar above the grid has options and controls that apply to the current selection in the grid.