Appian Documentation

This release brings a host of exciting new features.

Modern Interfaces
Appian interfaces are more usable, responsive, and look fantastic. With this release, we're rolling out modern interfaces that you can see in your existing SAIL interfaces as soon as you upgrade.
Interface and Process Modeler Integration
We took all the manual labor out of connecting SAIL interfaces to process models. You can now create and select interfaces directly from nodes, and map inputs to variables within a dropdown.
Data Design Improvements
In an effort to make the XSD file obsolete, you can now create a new CDT from an existing table directly in Appian, and can change some common properties like field length.
Check out the latest updates to documentation and training content.

Update Whenever Because You Can
We added a new page all about backward compatibility with Appian so you can better understand what it means to you and how you can update to the latest version with ease and peace of mind.
New Lookup Page for Process Model Pallete Options
We took the old Smart Services page and turned it into a reference page where you can look up any pallet option you see in the process modeler. This is one to bookmark.
Testing and Debugging Process Models
We've seen designers do incredible things with process models to capture extremely complex workflows. So we consulted some Appian experts to put together this guide to help you work through common problems you might encounter.